omega armor

omega armor is why the prolonged pro is not in the league please do not add officials


I think the armor that everyone expects is long


Boa tarde

Dá para ver que usaste o google tradutor, mas não se percebe nada do que tens aí no post.

O que é que querias dizer?

Yes, add omega armor in pro shop on next change

Yes, it was in the shop in the very first Pro league and never again, I think in next shop could be fair to have it…

Got it…from a pro chest…great item

Is your king at level 130?

image :slight_smile:

Image has Item level 130. ?

You get the the highest level 130 items with hero level 130 but you could also find them with a lot lower hero level. Question is a good one. I (level 130 hero) never got such high leadership points on a pro item, so I guess it s for a 130 hero.