OMG, LOL, my Alliance Did Not Get Conquest at all

This is a follow up to my first topic: “I Do not Get Alliance Wars At All.”

It is over we lost. WE LOST Big Time.

I tried to watch some tutorial videos on Conquest, they really need to make Conquest for Dummies.

Use really small words, and take baby mouse clicks of how Conquest works.

Being totally newbie, I went to the Stronghold a few days before the event, and I saw three ruined buildings,

all designated for me, so I built and leveled them. When Conquest began, I found my Allianz Leader had placed a Watch Tower

with my name on it, and I thought that, (that) would be where I was, and how I would go forth to Conquer.

no, I was in the Stronghold for almost all of day one, I saw my Alliance mates in various places on the map,

finally they asked me to move or do something, it was only then that I realized that I was in the Stronghold,

and that I would have to ride out using the donkey button. Then I discovered how long it takes for blue flame energy to recharge.

so I ended up wandering around, saw no battles, was nowhere near to help any Alliance mates, and when I came in just now,

hoping to have enough blue flame to travel some where; anywhere; up on the screen, the big. Das Seelengrab LOST!

so is that it for the entire event? or do we get to loose to some other Alliance, LOL, man please RR2 faster movement recharging

and some really basic hand holding tutorial videos, so next Conquest maybe my entire Alliance can make a better showing than we did today. :slight_smile:


Hi there,

here are some tutorials, you may have not seen yet:

Please also check the videos I made, you can find them in the official announcements :slight_smile:

Also there was one strategy guide written some time ago, you can find it here:

I hope this helps you! :slight_smile:

If not let us know, then we have to do some more work, to make it easier to understand for new players :slight_smile:

I want subtitles of Vietnamese, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese in this video.

Setting a subtitle When there are many languages, I can relax and introduce videos to everyone.

It is an offline game where you can enjoy the mood of Immigration Bureau. And there is a conflicting drama.

It is an image movie that the fan made, but the number of subtitle languages is 22 and it is amazing.

Please translate the words of Madren and tell us in this way.


Hi Aslan,

I would suggest opening your own thread about having more subtitles in the videos. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this is feasible though ( I mean more subtitles workforce wise (we would also need extra content translators etc)) :slight_smile:

OK. I wish prosperity for   RR 2.

Thank You Malden for responding to my topic. Also again Malden thank you for providing me with several tutorial videos.

All the Videos are of the highest quality, great presentation, great music, however… with the exception of the video entitled “Alliance Stronghold Tutorial”

none of the other tutorial videos are helpful in any way. Not to a new player. They all move too fast, cover way too much content, and with the pace the music is setting;

you really get that RR2 in a minute feel. When you are doing a video on say the viking Unit (used for both offence and defense) it is easy to do a fast paced Viking in a minute 

Royal Revolt 2 tutorial video, but when it something as complicated as 4 Alliances, 60 players… you need to both slow it down, and dumb it down for a new player.

make many Conquest tutorial videos. The first one: “How Do I get to my Stronghold?” There are several ways, one very easy way is to click on the banner of the Conquest Donkey,

the one that displays the event duration of 8d oh or look outside your castle in the very South West corner of your map, see Donkey and click on donkey, to ride to your stronghold.


Each step, each stage of a complex process of Conquest should be illustrated for the beginner. Once you get to your Stronghold, next cover, in the center you can find the following buildings, these building do the following things; these building can be accessed by your Alliance Leader or Generals in the Alliance) Next cover how a new Alliance player will arrive in his Stronghold to find an area with 3 building, these buildings are… these building do the following … these building can be upgraded by you the player … the resources you make are sent to the center of your Stronghold, where your Alliance Leader and Generals then …


Next baby steps outside the walls of your stronghold, how a player moves, what the energy is for a player, how fast does the energy regenerate itself…

Next here are the various tiles of the land; sand, water, trees… what each of these tiles mean… why you want to control them…

Next exploring the map, next what does seeing another player from another Alliance mean? what does seeing another Alliances Watch Tower mean?

Next how do I build a watch tower? why do I build a watch tower? what does it mean when my Alliance leader asigns me to a watch tower or asks me to build one…


What I really like about Royal Revolt 2 is the game itself. When you are a level one King or Queen, right off the bat you have your castle adviser  explaining to you, you need to build a Throne Room, You Need a Treasure Chamber, a farm, a tavern, a silo… and even now at level 81, my castle adviser is always there to remind me, to level a building, research a spell, train a new unit, upgrade that unit, buy a gold shield, attack a rival king… this I find amazingly helpful. In my Opinion, Conquest needs to be exactly like this. The game should provide me the player with a constant adviser companion, who is going to tell me; ‘it’s time to send my resources to the stronghold.’ ‘it’s time to move out and discover the map.’ ‘a fellow Alliance player is being attacked near you, maybe you should go give him some aid.’ … and the energy rate NEEDS serious tweaking, it takes way too long to move anywhere on the map, even if you see a fellow Alliance member in trouble, having to wait 7 or more hours to move is not going to help them at all. (And if there is a faster way to assist your Alliance mates) again a simple, so this is how you render aid in an emergency tutorial video.

I am still a huge fan of Royal Revolt 2, I love the tournament leagues, I love the RTS of building my castle, I love making friends and testing their defenses (and my own) I loved the Alliance War, the PRO league, the festivals and events. I am going to continue trying to get better at Conquest; I think it is an awesome idea, (I just think that it still should be in it’s Beta testing phase)



I forgot to post, but Conquest is over and we my Alliance came in 4th. We did get some stuff; plus I had my first experience.

Players are entitled to their opinions, however I do not feel Conquest is as bad as so many players seem to think it is judging by comments I have read.

What killed my Allianz Das Seelengrab, was the fact that no member yet is level 100 plus, and the Alliance’s we fought had level 100 players, so you sort of knew you were loosing every battle. By the time next Conquest arrives I am hoping we will be in the level 90’s and slightly better able to declare War and Defend out towers.

LOL the one thing I hate just after a Conquest ends are those blue Gargoyles all Kings have from successful Con questing.