OMG we have lives?

REALLY People ? We have actual lives… This is insane.

Then don’t play!   This like everything else in RR2 is optional

This is already the scenario for the last two recent conquests. So in 2019, a new conquest starts to let you feel what is awaiting you next year ?.

It’s not mandatory, you can also skip a conquest, result is only that you will go to a lower tier and of course you don’t get the rewards.

Now I am kidding of course. Just an hour ago, I got a popup that led me to the internet and fill in some questions. Well, take your time to do so, since there you can fill in what you think of ninja, war season and conquests, including the appearance/occurrences in periods of time.


Hi Kuska,

You have already posted a thread about this some time ago, which is still open. In the future, please use the search function to see if a thread is already open. If you have any new relevant info to add to a thread the search function can prevent double posts.

Also, constructive feedback is always welcome, but I don’t see that here. This thread is now locked.