On attack, Jumping gryffins. An update or did i miss it?

For couple of weeks, i see my gryffins jumping parallel road and attacking there when i am the attacker (also saw destroyed some towers) , or phoenix vomitting fire to parallel road archers as well. I am playing this game more then 1 year. I think it was not like that. Is there an update that i miss making troops more effective? Or it is my fault not to notice it before… 

It was always there since day 1 that I encountered Griffin and since day 1 that I encountered Phoenix. At least for me. 

Maybe because of i was not using gryffins on attack, so not familiar. Thx sharknado, now i will use more gryffins in replacement of my phoenix/cycloops/spearmen trio. 

No prob bro. :slight_smile:

They only attack parallel path while you are in defense mode!

Well I only use Atropious Griffin on parallel path defense or L Shaped defense they jump the path and attack other troops and towers, also reach gate of Apollo before my hero??.

Griffin’s are very powerful in offense.

Yeah, as with any units, defense mode is your way to shift AI priorities to jump or attack something on the other path

Never have I used Griffin in offence, are they good?

Well a blessed Griffin is the most powerful attacking unit in the game.when they use swoop ability, they actually destroy maxed level towers. 

But you should know how to use them or else you might lose.

I only use Griffin’s now days but before that I was usng blessed Cyclops.

But anyways it depends upon a player’s attack style. 

I am a little bit confused, i guess you mean: for example i am the attacker and my gryffins can jump to the parallel road,  only when defence stance active. 

Well @Hellslord a Griffin will jump whenever he can.Like his special ability swoop too comes with skill cool down too just like any special ability.

Griffins can jump when in attack mode, but they’re more likely to jump in defense mode if there’s a target in range on the opposite path. 

the best unit in the game. Farm Griffin with Phoenix and you have a devastating army plus Trebuchet. I have always win with this combo with 1 minute +. Without any boost at least until Ascension 110. After If you have Griffin boost make this unit insane. you should try them. They can also attack on the other lane to help you

Awesome, thanks, I’ll try to get my alliance to activate the griffin blessing.