On Cursed Unique Chest

So I have Helen’s unique that I got when I was maybe level 56 that time (I am sure I was below level 60). I am now level 86.

My question is, if I curse Helen’s unique item and I do the task to get a new unique, will that new unique be updated to my current ascension level or will it still be at the same ascension level at which I got Helen’s unique item?

I am guessing it will be at my new ascension level but I would like someone to verify it. :slight_smile:

If you could give me an answer @CaptainMorgan :slight_smile:

It will be just like finding a new item at your current level.

Awesome! Lovely update for sure. Thank you!

Meaning the same pool and chances of unique/duplicate?

It will not be the same item.

It’s not necessary to stack them. Please change that @CaptainMorgan. Wy do they stack? I’ve paid for them and like other items can be uncursed at the same time, this should include the new chests!

@CaptainMorgan if you do the unique forge to cursed chest and then loot that chest, does it reset your gaining chances at getting a unique for regular titan chests?

Guys i guess the unlock conditions can be in order. First quest: earn 100k war points. Second quest: earn 500 fame. Same for you too? 

I have 500 fame first quest.

500 fame huh, how many fame do you get in a week’s odyssey? 280? So that will stay in your inventory for 2 weeks?

3 weeks for me… 

Correct! And because, the chests are stacked, you have to wait much longer for the second one, when cursing two uniques at the same time…

3 weeks even at maximum odyssey points for your level?

Either that or pay for it via 250 gems?

My harbour is maxed. I have 9.2k fame I think it is getting harder when we get more points. Now een 7 skull is hard for me. So i can collect  500 points in 3 weeks. 

Oh yeah, you mentioned that on one of the earlier threads. :wink:

No the cost of opening a cursed unique chest is 1000 gems unlike the cursed titan chests that requires only 250 gems.

Oh wow, 1000 gems. Well, IT IS a unique. :wink: