On top 10 is very hard.

SK: United Realms - Very super Strong Alliance

Wow I only see United realms and one Immortal Legends that’s sad, you must be lonely at the top being the only Immortal Legend

How the SK: United Realms could attack other bases if they are all in the same alliance  <_<

At least u received 1k gems for the exchange of ur 1st position…  :stuck_out_tongue:

You are the target fo 8*3 attacks an hour? That might be no fun…

I attack over matchmaker only most time or some bases i like directly. so i get many opponents i can attack. in this case many times non allys, i think my alliance member do the same too.

Matchmaker shows, if you in Top Ten,  first someone near or in Top Ten if avaible then lower ranks.


I don´t understand you doinnivation, if Tin1187 attacks the same person 30-40 times most Top Ten a day that its ok for you because its usefull for you to stay on top and when other do the same not?

That is now an alliance game and no single player game any more. one stand to another one. you can´t survive alone.



It was and will be always hard to stay in Top Ten!

the dream team

Sees the image… rubs his eye…sees again… now even more blurrier… washes his eye with water and tries to see again… and its foggy and thinking It was all SK yesterday and today there is one non SK guy. May be my time will come some day there…Desi Faints! He prefers to achieve it in dreams than in reality.

Poetical :slight_smile: