Once a month do way with war and give us 4 days of campaign

Hi all,

  How about breaking away from the routine? The routine of 4-5 days of war every week. Why not have a one war week taken away and be replaced with a campaign week. Flare gives this week for its players to explore the game with a “Campaign Week”.

Give it a special tweak. For example diamond week ( to get diamonds for level completion). Likewise gold week, uber chest week, ideas can just pour in. It will also give a break from the routine war system.


Sounds good, even when wars are more different now, they can become monotonous after some time.

Sounds Interesting. I love to suggest ideas & I have come up with another one.

10 Leagues of each level (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze) run simultaneously. All for a period of 5 days. They begin at the same time as a normal war. The top 150 alliances are grouped into 10 diamond alliance leagues of 15 each. Next 150 in Platinum & so on. Alliances are grouped according to no. of members & player activity & rank. The reward stay the same. Medals decide the rank as in a league. If an alliance comes first in diamond alliance league, All the members earn 375 gems.

How’s my idea. I guess a bit too complicated. Similar to war season but gems as reward. The individual player leagues continue.

I gotta say that I don’t like this one as it might make players raid endlessly just to help their team, and we don’t wanna grind, that’s why attack limit on war season was actually a good change in the game.

True. I also felt that there are some loop holes in this system, some would play endlessly 24 hrs.

Game is gettng bore day by day same rotation of war seasons…so something like this had to be implimented by which we can have some intrest again…

I 'm wondering, if the game bores you, why are you then coming back to it… ?? :wacko:

I just escape things that bore me…

Maybe Patel meant “bore” in terms of “routine”.

Yup, need more variation again.

I’d like to see Massive War (groups of alliances against each other), new war maps, capture the flag style maps, Toughest Base (everyone can only attack a chosen set of bases entered by alliances), and so much more. Make this game epic, Flare! EPIC! EP-IC!


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Patel means the routine, rewards, etc. not the game. We can have new ideas come up & make Flare implement it to make it more interesting.

Indeed we can have new ideas

any idea how to make flare implement them ?

I’m a big fan of cattle prod. Or lollipops.

Or Aunt Jemima maple syrup. But all you racists might object.

That, or we can keep asking, and asking, and asking. That works… about once a year. :slightly_frowning_face:


Dearest Flare:


Please give us new stuff. The old stuff is getting boring. Need at least 3 new war adventures and 3 new quests.


Hugs & kisses,

Your faithful fanbase

So we have to play good cop, bad cop

i poke with a cattle prod & then you give hugs and kisses to the dev team

hmmm… Could work

Oh then, may I be the bipolar cop? I can change my behaviour depending on the situation and what we want to accomplish c:

as long as you dont want a bipolar avatar