Once LT is hit by nemesis dragon , it never comes back to life

Hi flare,
There is a bug in the way nemesis dragon does damage to towers. Once LT is hit by nemesis dragon, it never comes back to life. It remains stunned forever. I am sharing a video , in the video you can see LT on opposite path is hit by nemesis dragon at around 37 secs and after that it never hit the king. Near to it is a firebolt which keeps firing after a short pause even when it was hit by nemesis dragon.

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Well you had 5 charges. LT hit your king 5 times and it got exhausted. LT always works like this. BTW Cromka has also liked your posting. So its not a bug or i did not see your bug.

Your lt has no more charges left. (After it got hit by nemesis, it even released the last charge). Not sure what bug you’re referring to.

May be I missed the count

You don’t have to count, just look at the yellow dots below your LT

Why to not like post where topicstarter even did the video;(

sorry , i thought you were kidding.