Once Upon in a Kingdom not so far away...

… a little King named King is happy walking around and makes sure that everything is fine in his Kingdom but than he suddenly discovers something new…


Blacksmith: Hello.

King: Ahhh hello, who are you

Blacksmith: Im the Blacksmith, im new.

King: Ok and what are you doing?

Blacksmith: I can make UUUBBBEEERRR Items.

King: And what are Uber Items?

Blacksmith: That are items better than Legendary items.

King: Wow great, what about my Sword, can u make it a Uber Item?

Blacksmith: Sure, that costs 38 Pearls.

King: Hmm ok, lets do it.




King: Thank you, but it only has 5 more damage?

Blacksmith: Yes you have to improve it 3 times until it is a Uber Item.

King: So i have to pay 114 Pearls to make it Uber?

Blacksmith: No it is more expensive every time.

King: And what did i have to pay now?

Blacksmith: 42 Pearls please.




King: OK now it didnt changed anything.

Blacksmith: Yes it did not work.

King: What did not work?

Blacksmith: The improvement.

King: But i payed you for the Improvement!

Blacksmith: You payed me for trying to improve it, look in my GTC’s!

King: Ummm, And how is the probability?

Blacksmith: First time good and than it get worse.

King: So what will it cost now?

Blacksmith: 42 again.




King: Failed again?

Blacksmith: sorry :slight_smile:




King: ok it worked for 6 more damage. How much now?

Blacksmith: 44 please.




King: …




King: GOT IT!!! I GOT ähhmm something for the Froster that i didn’t use :slightly_frowning_face:

Blacksmith: I can remove the Perk for you than you can get a new one.

King: Oh really? Thats so nice, Thank you.

Blacksmith: 100 Gems please.

King: So much for removing a Perk that i have paid so much for?

Blacksmith: Yes, hihi.

King: OK DO IT.




King: Thanks, but there is now no Perk anymore?

Blacksmith: Yes you payed me for removing, now you can improve it again.

King: Really? Ok lets go!




King: Hmm WHAT??? i got the same Perk again :slightly_frowning_face:

Blacksmith: Ahh yes it is Random i swear, hihi.

King: You know that im the King and not you?

Blacksmith: Yes and im very happy about that :slight_smile:

King: I will kill you if you don’t do it!!!

Blacksmith: OK, ok, i will do it for 50 Gems.


Blacksmith: Maybe :slight_smile:




King: hmm i dont have Pearls anymore :slightly_frowning_face:

Blacksmith: I can melt old items and give you Peals for that.

King: ohh cool my inventory is full of Legendary items i did not need. Melt this Chest Armor.

Blacksmith: That cost 170k Gold.

King: What cost 170k Gold?

Blacksmith: Melting the Armor.

King: I have to pay for melting… nevermind here do it.

Blacksmith: Here are your 8 Pearls.

King: For what?

Blacksmith: For melting the Chest Armor you gave me.

King: 8 Peals for melting a Chest Armor worth 400k Gold?

Blacksmith: Yes.

King: Have u seen it was Legendary.

Blacksmith: Yes therefor it is 8 Pearls.

King: So i have to meld 5 more Items to TRY improving my Sword AGAIN?

Blacksmith: Im not so good in count but i think its 6 hihi.

King: OMG so i pay you for melting it into pearls that i will pay you for MAYBE upgrading a item that i have to do 3 times until it makes sense and MAYBE i got a Perk that can be useful?

Blacksmith: Yes :slight_smile:

King: OOHHHkkkk. Do it :slightly_frowning_face:




King: GOT IT!!! MY BEAUTIFUL SWORD IS FINALLY DONE!!! IT now has 18 more Damage and something on the Sonic Blast that i will maybe notice or maybe not. BUT IM HAPPY NOW!


…Some seconds ago…


Granny: Hey King i got an Offer for you: A sword with 100 more Damage for only 500 Gems!

Blacksmith: I can also upgrade this for you… HIHIHI


This can go in the top 10 posts of the year!

Hahaha, this is so true :wink:

Wow cool, was really funny reading it  :lol:

That was really funny… Unfortunately, I got a gargoyle boost on my sword - but I am too much of a cheapskate to take it off. I will wait for a new sword instead of taking it off and trying again.

oh lordy i laughed so hard i almost peed my pants.

LOL, I really laughed with this, this post should get a Nobel Prize.

Is this the new shehanshah? This is amazing! :wink:

You forgot the part that blacksmhjt ask for like 1234 gems to upgrade again right away after a succesful upgrade .


Yes this, the Melting Slots, the melting time and the Building Upgrades i have omitted to Keep it a short Story.

And the fact that there is not everything as bad as in real but it is still funny makes it more ridiculous.

So funny :slight_smile:

Ok…this made me chuckle a bit.


I love your post… Can’t stop laughing!!!

So funny ! Nicely done

I like this story, cause it’s sooo true…

When is sequel coming out?


Let me think, 1.9.6 come out in a few days, than we Need some days to find out it is ridiculous…


In 8 days if Flare does everything like anticipated.