One alliance fighting 3 wars but only has 7 members? Picture

Does that mean they forfeit? And yes the team taking up most fiefdoms are the highest ranked with the most members but that’s another story

Only if less than four members I think

You can join an Alliance War if your alliance has 8 or more members, then if some of your members left the alliance this doesn’t mean that the alliance entered in the season “illegaly” having 7 members, but the real fact is that some members left it.  :grinning:

When I started the app I thought it was always you have to have 8 members. Having four would be widely unfair as there are very limited skulls to get

Start with 8 minimum but can lose members during the war. If an alliance has less than four they forfeit

I know members left or got kicked because they did have 12 members now 7. They have the highest Loser Bonus percentage and now only have their strongest players. I find it a bit unfair. And before people come along about “complaining” I’m simply questioning

I think it is a tactic when your alliance is far too weak for the season. If they have the highest loser bonus it’s probably because everyone else is much stronger

Here are the standings and the Loser Bonus pool.

They did have the highest then the others came along. They aren’t the worst team as they are 4th and about to win 2 from the worst team who aren’t very active with one high level player. We have some loser bonus by losing but getting around 24,000 skulls with half the team as my alliance aren’t very active this war and food cost limits things as well. Plus the fact the team we faced were way too strong (",)