One last look before the attack

When you are out of bread and watch a video -in the hopes of earning bread for that one last attack, it would be nice if you could see the base you want to attack -one last time- before you get taken into battle.

Why? Sometimes while you are watching the video someone beats you to the loot, you don’t know this of course until you have finished the battle yourself. Earning a disappointment that most of the loot you thought was there has been taken while you were watching a video. >*~*<

when u read about bread heads who are all out of instant bread for that one last hit of bread attack, it would be so nice if you could

see the smoke cummin out of the pipe in real time HD before brunch.


Why? Sometimes while your playing on windows where there is no instant free bread on tap I read this nonsence before i can loot. Knowing that U missed out on loot that you thaught you were entitled to while you were pooping and had enough time to wipe while you were watching your life pass like your dudu pie hello its a video game


miss me? im baaaackkkkk


Edit: I should pint out i’m Windows player and have no idea of the actual game Michanic you speak of.

The mechanic he is talking about is: If a android or ios player has not enough bread left and tries to launch an attack, he basically has 2 options: Either buy a complete silo refill with gems (this option is also there for windows users), or try to watch a video to receive enough food for 1 attack (not available for windows players, and not available for dungeon missions for anyone). The amount that you get there varies (e.g. if you have 60 bread left and need 100 for an attack, you’ll get the difference 40 bread from the video).


So far the theory. In practice, most often you either get no reward, or 1 gem instead of all the bread, or an error while watching, or no offer at all or… (see bug report topic for full detailed list :wink:


So… the issue Dels mentions is that you might see a player with good loot (let’s say 500k) and try to attack, then have to watch a video to gain the food, which may take 1 minute. Then, after the video ends, usually the bread is used instantly to start the raid automatically, with no option to see the base preview again. This means that the player may have got attacked by someone else, meaning the high loot is gone when your attack actually starts and you have no option to say “no, don’t do this”. Also, after 1 minute of video watching, it is hard to actually remember how the base preview layout looked, so you start a raid with thinking “err… what did the base look like?”, in comparison to a regular attack when you see base preview, tap attack and raid starts without interruption…


Thus it would be nice to return to the base preview screen after the video ends, and then have time to look at the base again and decide whether to use the new bread to start this attack or rather search for another enemy.


Currently, there’s a work-around: Try to attack a player that you know is currently online, and then watch the video. After video ends, you’ll see a “this player is online” message as usual and then you have the bread and can choose someone else for your attack. But that feels uncomfortable, not very clean and… you know… not the way you’d want to do it.

Leveling up is the enemy.

it only leads to increased food cost.


stay low. and when u do raid, choose a target you can beat.


OR eat untill your army is go fat they cannot walk.


an yeahh…R>I>P> one gem trick

an yeah yeah yeah. if you get your gems the ol fashond way (whoopin azz in tours) extra food is nessasary.

(metal farming VS gem purchacing atvantige is debatable but naminal)

any way u slice it. were all fkd.


my advice Dels, is to avoid speeding up food and invest in a stop watch.

YOLO!!!(you only look once)

Well yes, huck your advice is sound and yes I usally keep 800 bread in reserve for short coming …but sometimes you just need a little more gold to make an up grade and that’s when watching a video to earn bread really comes in handy.

Sorry I don’t get what I would use a stop watch for. 8)

no no please listen to herosflorian. not me.

I don’t have ads. thus, little perspective