One Man Army Cup ridiculous bug

Nothing like attacking in pro league and finding two shields on the attack menu.

Note that this isn’t a visual bug. I actually attacked challenge I with that combo thinking that it was actually two shields but realised the second shield didn’t work and wasted 25 secs. What a waste. Please do something about this. @GalaMorgane

Note only that, but equipping and dequipping the spells randomly, you can actually make lots of different combos. Here’s one I made.



nice found lol

I had this bug from the beginning time when they introduced change order. After that, I never change the order of my spells when I participated in Pro League.

Since when in this game we can dash? if I hold my finger on the screen he run like a rocket in the Pro League

Edit : If you play with 2 finger. One left and one right. You can dodge all. That allow to keep his life full and complete hard level. I means cast sonic blast on all towers like Snake tower and Lightning Tower and run like a rocket on the left.I call this strategie MOBA style left,right,left,right cast spells left,right,left,right,etc…

91% as speed makes you run like the coyote ?


I don’t have talk about when you run normal at 91% speed. during the One man cup on Windows I don’t know I don’t try but on Ipad if you keep one finger on the screen you have a hidden feature a special dash. The King run like triple speed like if that was at 150% speed. you tap many time is normal speed and keep finger for activated the dash ability.Its just a one time special feature or one of the item give this dash ability? Whatever is cool. The Dash ability allow to avoid all and be full. A bug? or a feature no clue

When i have play on PC after I was disapointing not have this again. Run so slow with normal run was boring…Hope to have it again in future Pro League. I have also test in normal raid off side of the Pro League on Ipad and was boring to run normal after play the Pro League. Hope one day to see it again and use it again

Wow, such a cool bug ahahah

It seems not everyone uses the same setup now, right? hehe

Hey @YYthebest,

Thank you for reporting this. Could you please let me know what device are you using? How exactly did the problem happened? Did you had other apps open at the same time?

The more info you can give us the better so we can reproduce and fix.

Many thanks,


Windows 10 - pc

nothing on the background, the bug is easy to reproduce 

just switch continuously the spells by equipping them in different slots, you have to do it fast not slow.

The bug remains even after you close and reopen the game. In practice it’s a self destructive bug so you can’t no longer participate in the pro league since in the effective raid the bugged spell can’t be used.

@GalaMorganeProbably if this happens with spells might happen as well with troops 

How do you even come up with those questions? OP mentioned nothing about dashing, let alone moving/walking/running or movement speed in general, and neither did the person who made a post after him.

Then you suddenly pose this random-ass question that has nothing to do with the topic at all.

Do you have some comprehension issues or something? I am just so confused.

I think it’s a perception issue. As playing on a PC the screen is wider the movement speed of the kings seems to be different than on a small smartphone or tablet screen.

This happens to me when I pay on my 32’’ screen or on my brothers 24’’ screen. We use the same set up but still the feeling when using the mouse is totally different.

no its not about perception. During this pro league there was a special feature. I don’t know how to describe it. I am better with screenshot or video.Like a special skill. I call it Dash. Normally when you run then you run normal whatever the pourcentage 32%,71% or 100%. The Hero go fast but run normal. During this pro league when you click like you do when you raid. You tap you run normal but when you keep your finger on the screen the hero start running like at 200% speed.

I discover it by pure accident I wanted to do like on PC because I was tired to tap 500 times the screen to move the king just by 5 feet. if that was possible to keep my finger on the screen to move the king and then I discover the king running 2 different speed. One slower the normal run by taping the screen with your finger and i turn in circle and keep my finger on the screen for more than 2 seconds and I see when your alternate both you see 2 different speed.  I have lose over 30 seconds but that was not important I wanted to test it carefully first. One at 91% the normal one idicated on the forum and the others at like 200% hyper super fast. Destroying the army of skeleton was pretty easy with this hyper speed with Sonic Blast.I running like a rocket that was so fast. When i have understand there was 2 speed available I have drop my ipad on my desk to use my 2 hand. That allow me to do level 1-8 at 100% and finish at 300. Without this special skill and if I have just the normal run probably i have fail and finish at 1000+

Anyway its not important. Just I wanted to give this trick on this topic to allow people to use it. No one here understand what I try to say in my first post so that means I am alone to have use this hidden skill on the ipad during this Pro League. I find it strange no one on Iphone or Ipad have move the king by keep his finger on the screen like we do on PC with the mouse when you keep the mouse cliked during all the raid

Sadly I don’t have any video :slightly_frowning_face: I have forget to record it. On the moment I was sure at 100% that was a special skill offer by a item.Nevermind if next time I have it in a another Pro League  I will record it to show you this hidden skill.Just I found that special and strange no one have try to move the king by alternate tap and hold finger on the screen to see the different between normal run and dash skill

forget it anyway everyone have do their Pro League. Its close over So its not necessary to talk about it anymore. Next time if this happen again

Probably the next time where the Hero will be alone

Edit : I know how to describe it to allow everyone to understand. Take by example Mario Bros. I think everyone have play Mario Bros? its the best exemple I can take.When you touch left and right he run normal but if you hold B Mario run super fast to allow him to jump far or higher. Here happen the same during the Pro League the same thing happen when you tap the King run normal and when you hold the screen the King run faster. 2 different speed.

Like 2 days ago I tried to do my pro league. I was adjusting the positioning of the spells when I got this bug (I got swordrain instead of sonicblast I think). That’s not good, so I left it alone.

Today I went back to the pro league, hoping the bug had been fixed. Well, now I have double shields (actually 1 is a ghost shield, it doesn’t work). Needless to say this pro league is not playable without sonicblast. It took me 3 minutes to get to the gate on level 1 without the sonicblast.

I’m not even going to try to advance. It’s useless to try with only shield + blizzard.


I really hope Flare does something about this.


Is it unusable because there can’t be two shields? OP managed to get a hammerstrike as a third spell with the bug. In that situation, maybe it can be used?



Think it is another proof,  pro league is the competition for those who can abuse the best the shortage off this game.  Not for those who play like it should.

It’s PCL = Pro Cheaters League ?


The second shield is literaly unusable.

The spell screen shows me I have 2 spells (1 shield + 1 blizzard).

The pre-fight screen and during battle shows me I have 3 spells (2 shields + 1 blizzard), but that’s just a visual bug. The 2nd shield is not usable.



I think it’s pretty obvious in the video.



No, it wouldn’t let me attack with that combo, disconnected as soon as I pressed attack.