One more update on the ad issue

Hi guys,

As already announced with last weeks update on Thursday we fixed the ad issue.

We had to limit the possible ad views a user can do per day. The maximum ads you can watch per day now is 30. If you reach this limit you have to wait until the next day (or one minute after midnight in the players time zone for the night owls :grinning:

If you do not get 30 ads per day, it is because there are not enough ads available in your region provided by the ad provider.

Thank you for your attention.

I see you in the forums,



Okay, so the ad count is like the reaction count in the forum. You have a max of 30! Thanks Madlen. 30 ads in one day should be enough for one person, maybe slightly less, but it’s an improvement!

Until now I had the feeling, that there were 10 ads per hour possible (Austria).

Well, technically this is still possible. You can get 10 ads in an hour. But the daily limit is now 30.

Farms have short duration boost (i.e. 4 hours). I prefer to increase their duration boost to 6 or 8 hours, so I would save mobile internet data. I can comsume >300 mb daily if I try to win or to improve my records at platinum/diamond league.

Okay but that’s not good! Flare has many players right now against them and then makes something like this?! Sry But that’s unsurpassed (just *****)!

30 video is huge. Someone can reach that? I just watch video for free chest and nothing else. So maybe 3 video a day

Many watch them for fights ?

Me too, so for me it is not an improvement - it`s the opposit! 

Why do you want limit the ads?

For years fg inserted ads here and there, and after that just cut it down? Silently!?

And after many-many days of “there is no limit!” you just say, ok 30


I cannot fight with ads on WP, but everyday encounter that limit

What’s  the point?

farms+hourly chests (4+1)*6 =30 max

upgrades? BS? taverns?

At least show countdown from 30 to 0

Maybe encrease output of taverns x2 and remove ads from them?

30 ads in one day should be enough for one person. It’s only too little for the player who plays 10 hours a day. For the average player, 30 ads in a day is a ton

Where are the ads for the gems???

Farm (4hrs per watch, hence, 6 times per day per farm) - 4 x 6 = 24 Ad watches


Blacksmith (8hrs per watch, hence, 3 times per day) - 3 Ad watches


Tavern (10hrs per watch, hence, 3 times per day per tavern) - 4 x 3 = 12 Ad watches


Free Chest (4hrs interval, hence, 6 times per day) - 6 Ad watches


Minimum total Ad watches needed per day is 45. This is a basic needs. 


Note: It’s not including upgrades, free attacks, etc. Hence, the suggested free Ad watches per day should be at least 60 to 100 per day.  

It’s 4x2 for the taverns but it’s 2h the interval for the free chests

@KingSunnyKyaw, MAYBE 45 for a player that plays 6+ hours a day and attack the entire time. Nobody NEEDS all these video boosts

So you don’t sleep at all when you need farm boosts every 4h - or somebody else helps you during that time. That’s -4 ads.

BM - same thing. Melting ubers (or legendary items) without boosts during sleep is totally sufficient (except during BS event). -1 ad.

Taverns -actually it’s 2.5 ads per 24h. -2 ads

Free chests - do you get up for one chest only? -1 ad

Concerning upgrades: let’s say 3 builders, a wave, a spell and a troop on one day (if this is the case then you have a bad upgrade rythm) - +6ads

Hence, 37 ads for “normal” stuff and 6 for upgrades. You can maintain that speed for a week but not a whole month. If you fight as much, you may skip tavern ads. That should be enough.

my English is not The Best so i hope You know what i mean. In my opinnion 30ads is to less!!! Better than 3all 6hours but to less. I think the option of kingsunny is good, only becauce you have 100ads, you dont must use them all!!! If you have 1000€/month and for you it is enough why you should ignore a better payed job whith less work???

What you described is not the minimum needed ads per day, it’s the absolute MAXIMUM, in a crazy scenario where you never sleep more than 3,99 hours in a row and don’t miss a single minute every time a boost ends or a cooldown is available.

It is NOT “basic needs”.


10-15 per day ads should be enough for most days (free chests + a few boosts and upgrade times) and 30 ads will definately be enough for even crazy days (exceptionaly rare ocasion).


You only need more than 30 if you use ads for bread. Otherwise, it’ll be more than enough.