One of the hardest dungeons (XXIII) that some people may need help with


I remember being stuck in this dungeon for like 2 months, from lvl ~75 to ~95.

Then we had the Kaiser festival. I bought it and did this dungeon the next day scroll free, thanks to Kaiser (it was SO much better than Tammy).

Why was this moved from the Dungeon forum @Madlen? Players will be looking for Dungeon Guides in the Dungeon subforum!

This was moved because it is useful video content and this is the section for useful video content.

Okay, fair enough. Perhaps you could make like a description or something that says “Walkthrough’s, Tutorials, etc. are found here” below Creator’s Corner

Wow, that must have been a long time ago @AwesomestKnighest

Your scream button was still simple back then.

Oh, good times