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I was wondering why your alliance always have free slot?

If it is that great it should be player that hard to get spot at that alliance :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a reason why we always have some open slots. Aether is often visiting other teams during cooldown and so do members like Edward the 7th and some others. Since we also get visitors and new members, we had situations in the past that members who were on a visit, tried to return and there was no open spot for them. That’s a scenario that you always want to avoid as a team. And then you only have two options, let members wait or start to throw out members that just joined your alliance to make room.


Either way, you won’t get popular if you decide to do that. So we decided to keep some spots open. As a golden rule, we have gold in reserve to upgrade at least once plus keep at least two open spots for players on a visit.


We have some prerequisits for a special reason. We did specify those requirements with in mind that players must have fun during war seasons. Where is the fun when you are fighting teams with players way stronger than the new team member? He/she will bleed skulls like hell and will not be able to help the team at all.


We get enough requests of players willing to join us, but when their statistics aren’t good enough, we just don’t accept them. If you are willing to accept players with statistics that aren’t even close to minimum requirements, be my guest and accept them in your alliance.


We all know that there are some players out there that only join teams for several boosts. Since we can’t read their mind and no list of a tracking history that could be used to check a players reputation is available, we have to decide to trust them or not. So when accepting a new player, there is always a risk that it’s a player that is only joining for (war) boosts, they have no sign that warns us for their behavior. As long as you keep the boosts up, they will behave like good members. As soon as some boosts go down, they immediately leave the aliance and look for a new home. So there are several reasons for open spots.


Hope you better understand now.