ONE PIECE143 reclutamento italiani

Buongiorno a tutti ragazzi gli ONE PIECE143 alleanza italiana è in cerca di giocatori attivi e che abbiano voglia di divertirti con noi … Siamo un ally di lvl 64 in continua crescita attiviamo cavalieri/cannoni/orchi/lupi/monaci/barricate/spuntoni h24 …durante la war aggiungiamo elettriche e arcieri boost piú eventuale prolungamento del boost di war . abbiamo bestie di lvl dal 2 al 5 piú celestial phoebe lvl1 che porteremo al lvl2 pian piano… Negli eventi pro ally partecipiamo per 1/3 garantendo almeno il lvl3 di ogni boost pro … Massima partecipazione in war ed eventi … I requisiti per entrare da noi sono:

  • torre ally min 750k 

-lvl eroe min 100

-trofei eroe min 3000

-bonus teschio min 15% 

Richiediamo la partecipazione massima in war ed eventi puntiamo al meglio ma lo facciamo divertendoci … Se siete interessati contattate me o i generali di ally sul gioco 

Translated…good luck finding members, hope all goes well for you :slight_smile:  

Thanks ?


What the heck, Aditya? What’s your problem? Would you want people to hijack your own alliance thread and spam it saying that it’s a horrible place to go? NO, of course not! Please refrain from making posts like this in the future

I didn’t said that don’t join. I said that there is low participation. They are asking for maximum participation in wars and other events. But you see yourself, I may also give a screenshot here.

@Madlen, please wipe these comments. Nobody wants useless comments in their thread, thanks :grinning:  

You know English? I said only participation is low. Just writing minimum stats is not enough. Got it! @AwesomestKnightest I have not said that don’t join. You may join. It is their wish. But it is not good that you are writing maximum participation and you yourself are not participating. Then, who will believe that you may participate or not. When I saw this post, I thought that I may tell my friends to join but after seeing their score, I may suggest them but not force them. 

Guys, please be kind to eachother. I usually am not a post deleter, because I think we can all talk normally with eachother here and treat people with respect.

@KingAdityaKumar Please write in a normal font size in the future. NO need to write in size 100. Thank you!

@Terrysasha Please post in English in the future, that is the forum language. Thank you! :slight_smile:


I used a large font because he was not ready to listen and he was blaming me for everything, even which is correct. Well, font size is cleared.

Yep, will do Madlen, sorry for getting so upset @KingAdityaKumar, I just don’t think it’s fair that you, of all people, pile on information about another person. @Terrysasha is not forcing anyone to join his alliance. Remember also, that in his post he said that you should participate as well as have fun. Everyone has their own way of running an alliance and nobody can tell them otherwise

Also, to your point that I am “not participating”. I hope you realize how frustrated I am that I am unable to participate in the game. I have been unable to play for 4 months now and am just now gonna get back into the game. I always participate and I never will tell people what to do unless they are in my alliance under the rules that have been set! Like I said before, everyone has their own way of running an alliance. Just don’t interfere with someone else’s alliance thread, thanks :grinning: . No hard feelings

Aditya how can you say that there isnt partecipation in my alliance if you have never been there? Instead of staying here on the forum to comment on all posts to increase your visibility try to improve your hero so you can get into a top alliance like mine ?


This is the different from your and my alliance ?

We lost only a few wars. You show the leaderboard.