One Special Unit

Hi guys,

            With the coming of the “Monk”, one thing is for sure: there will be much more of such units getting added up. I am opening this thread as a preview to the next unit for Flare to add up. Let’s give them some ideas of what we want.


I would prefer one a flying unit. 








A frost giant





Any other suggestions? :slight_smile:  


I agree for the Yeti

Hey, I am not so sure of the frost giant but I would be glad if they add another flying unit :wink:

I am sure back in their minds (Flare), somewhere down the line, another unit is waiting, only thing is that they might not have conceptualized it yet.    

  A flying unit is definitely an added flavor.   Yeti is an animal monster. Wow! that could be a good and devastating unit.



And the new unit must be unlocked and upgraded via the dungeon! :slight_smile:

A flying unit that can’t be attacked by any other unit than range units (archer, arb, pyro, froster, mortar, gargoyle maybe) would be awesome! And the Yeti as a new monster would be awesome aswell!!

Don’t forget to add your votes.


I will keep adding new units/monsters name as it appears in the list.


thanks guys.

Lazer robots

 Lol, no modern units in medieval times… This is futuristic.

Vote for yeti :wink:

Yup, and it should be a melee unit like ogre bt rather does frost damage.

Dynamite dwarfs!   Short ranged throwing super high blunt damage

Yeti is definitely a hot character that i’d like to use.

Yeti should be not only an hairy character but also like Ymir


This is my idea:


Yeti Statistics:


Health:  Many HP points, not so high

Speed: Slow like an Ogre

Range:  Melee damage

Damage: Ice Damage, it deals punches to 1 enemy per time but it affect slowdown effect to nearby units in a short-range.

Morale: 12

Weaknesses: 50% blunt damage, 75% fire damage

Resistances: 75% ice damage, 50% normal damage


Why weak to blunt and fire damage?

Well fire damage is obvious as answer (it melt the ice) and blunt damage because it crumbles the ice easily.


Why resistant to normal damage?

Because a sword attack can’t destroy ice easily, so 50% is more than good.


That’s a good one. Adding it up in the votes.



Flare look at this thread and decide on your next unit. 

Dynamite dwarves would be pretty similr to gargoyles, but I guess they can balance it by making dwarves more powerful as they don’t fly

How about a “CAVALRY” unit?


Too much space it could occupy on path.