One time con

I read a post yesterday asking if he could have a different choice for the one time offer, because  some were offered nemesis and others eldrak etc. I received my offer today and wondered the criteria for the offers. 

I was offered the 2nd tier of offers, but mine was only value x6 whereas others are x7 value

This is the offer that the preferred players receive with x7 value and even Nemesis

My one-time offer has already expired or I would show you an even less desirable, and less valuable (only 1k gems for example), one-time offer…

Why so many different offers??

I wish a chance to get nemesis. Please help

Offers and one time offers are system generated. They are automatic and random. 

So special offers are being sent to only specific people?  I ask because an Alliance member got this offer believe Thursday 12.27.18 but I and many of my other Alliance members have not seen it yet.  This is something many of us would consider if we saw it…