One Time Offer: War Item Set

Hi Everyone,

There has been a lot of buzz around a one time offer that is currently promoted. 

Many people in the alliance I’m in have already gotten or at least have been offered it. 

I’ve not had it pop up yet. It’s a 24 hour. I’d hate to miss out on it.

Not sure if this is randomly generated and doesn’t get offered to all players. Any insight would be appreciated.@GalaMorgane

Edited with response from FG:



There are multiple people in my alliance with the same problem. I’ve already sent in a ticket. Hope someone can help us out!

I Think it is as den4 said (sorry if i am wrong).

Not all people will get the offer at the same Time

 But you will. No need to Panic

Hello there,

As @ShiroKo mentioned, you will get it. Sometimes it can take a bit longer but it will be there for you at some point. Don’t worry :slight_smile:

Many thanks,


Don’t worry, they will get your money

I like Chris’ reply (it’s clear).

Yeah, I haven’t had this offer and it’s been out for almost a week. Just gonna have to wait I guess. *looks at watch*…*sigh*

Until now I got all offers about 10 hours later than the frist one, who posted it on FB or in the Forum.