One Time Offers

I have seen 3 different versions of the One Time Offer with the emerald skin for the dragon pals until now. I received the Nidhogg one

So I was wondering, which factor decides the offer we receive???

I got  the Eldrak version. But many member received the Nemesis version. I also want this one . It is unfair . Is it any chance have the twice turn if I don’t buy Eldrak ( I had that pal long time ago )? @Madlen

 I will forward the feedback to the devs that players would be interested in getting other offers as well!

Thank you , It is unfair to got difference offer . Since I got Eldrak and Nidhoqq long time ago. and donated some to alliance bought from your gift pack .

So hope can get Nemesis this time ? @Madlen

I haven’t even received any of those offers yet. In fact I have noticed I used to receive special offers fairly regularly now I am lucky to see maybe one a month or every other month.

Maybe coincidence I just received offer this morning or maybe not ??

I was looking forward to buy Nemesis. Unfortunately I only received the Nidhoqq-Offer, which I already have. ?

I was hoping for nemesis but only received the 2nd tier offer with only +6 value, maybe the offers depend on which alliance you are in.

I would also like to see the answer why this is happening… ?

One of my other ally members got the nemesis offer and another one the eldrak offer. So it does not depend on the ally. 

They wonder why people are quitting the game In large numbers when they once again create an unfair playing field, giving Nemesis to some. They nerfed  Ceres for all then as an afterthought they increase it for higher levels. The same players I have attacking my base with their Uber Ceres whilst I attack theirs with my lame wolf with his back legs tied together.

The person who came this offer can purchase 5000 gem and Dragon’s skin and Nemesis X 2 for 5000 yen.

")In other words, the price attached by flare is the price of one Nemesis is 1000 yen?

The dream of Nemesis Beast is likely to come true.?

Any Updates here?

Maybe players get nemesis offered only, when they already have a nemesis pal?

Negative. One of my Ally-Members did not have him before.

We will have all offers.

Since the offer may appear regardless if you already have Nemesis or not…

I think the game is doing another thing behind the scenes:

Tracing your “buyer profile” or to say, how much money you’re willing to spend.

Let’s imagine the following scenarios:

A.  You buy 5€ or less gem packs , rarely.

B. You buy 25€  or less gem packs, once in a while.

C. You spend 50€ or even more, but frequently (once/twice a month).


My guess is that people who are categorized as “C” (biggest spenders), had a greater chance of seeing a Nemesis offer since it was the most expensive one.

This way Flare can maximize profit by showing offers which the player is more likely to buy.

Think of this just like Google or Facebook targeted advertising.

PS: I think this applies to all offers, not just this one.

Would make sense as I am then in Category B and received the Nidhoqq Offer for about 20€. This would then mean @cr1 must have gotten Nemesis-Offer, correct?

At least that’s my theory @orko, so yeah, I bet he got the offer as well as most of VL…

They got the Nemesis Celestial Beast after all :slight_smile:

I got the eldrak and nemesis later

Koonin got the nemesis as second offer

relax you will have all offers