one tower missed = no uber chest

i missed a tower so im sure in a 99% that i wont get any uber chest, flare need to change this, the difference between perfect score and almost perfect score is huge

You and the other 25 people in your flight.  The event was about who had enough SB to take out tower and not the gate on a few select levels.

You should miss the ninja coins. Hope you get the Uber Chest.

I failed on 24 myself, took the left two fb towers out easily, screamed my army back until sb + fs were restored, ran to the right fb, the first three sec everything went fine, but the last 50% of the gate went down faster than the last 10% of the tower. How sad :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyway the event went flawlessly… We dint encounter any crashes… COF too worked fine …

Just some towers were headace but still the no.1 position secured. No problem at all…

I miss a tower on the final level. I think it was 99% . I still got my Uber chest.

lucky you lol, i missed one tower and i got 0 uber lol even i was in fourth place

I missed one and get 2250 pearls less, 6 uberchests less and 2 less ninjas. Good idea of Flare to remove the doomgate, cause in my league now only 4 people share first while 5-30 missed 1 to like 4 towers in the whole event.