One troop raids

Of the last 30 people to raid me, not one used 3 troops. Most used only a single troop type. Mostly knights OR archers, occassionaly paladins. Pal choice varied. Most only used one range spell. Some no range spell and only knights plus no Pal that does range damage. Not clear to me how this strategy manages to destroy towers that are only damage by range attacks.

What’s going on, some kind of exploit? Raiding with a single troop used to be rare.



Probably yes. Saw some players made demo videos about troop cheat (unlimited/undying) / spell cheat (1-hit-all-destroy, some ranged spells could destroy anything in its range). They said ‘safe-no-ban cheat’.
This game’s beaten by cheat engine easily  ?

If u feel like cheated kindly share your battle history. 

Not necessarily saying cheating. Too widespread. Could be taking advantage of some change in the game, much like the stretch a while back where lots of players were building gate towers and nothing else.  Others in our alliance have also noticed the increase in 1 troop raids. 

There are players that can beat bases without troops, just spells and pal.

It’s a different story when one or no spell is used again bases with max towers.

Use aska and dont spawn units. you will still have an army if you can keep them alive :slight_smile:

The point is there has been a major shift in game tactics, where one troop type raids have gone from rare to common. This goes aainst one of the main stated objectives of update 4.0 to increase viable attack combo options. If a combined arms approach is no longer necessary, that is a step backwards.