Only 1 opponent

My team only got 1 opponent this war.  Is that because the third team lost some players or something and didn’t qualify this round?

Same here…no confrontation, just a duel…?

Maybe you guys are fighting eachother!



Someone? It is not that we had our ***** handed to us, but never had the chance to gain VP from the “disappeared” alliance…

First guys you should know Flare never work during Weekend. Secondly the War is over. Move on. Very sad but that happen during a weekend :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi skellz,

Sorry to hear this and thanks for reaching out. I have forwarded this to the dev team. Once I have an answer I can share, I will let you know.

Thank you for your patience!



Is there anything helpful here at all? I actually posted on Thursday as soon as war started so check your facts. 


And whether or not the war is over has no relevance. Should we just not post so the same thing keeps happening in the future? I know flare can’t predict alliances disbanding or dropping members, but hopefully there is a solution.  It’s not fair that some teams should only get one opponent in a 3 team war, especially if the other team is vastly superior.

Thanks for the reply.

What would the solution be, though? Cancel the war?

All I’m doing is bringing attention to a problem. It’s flares job to fix it.

If the 3rd alliance started your war and disqualified themselves by kicking players, I don’t see an alternative besides cancelling the whole war. Everyone else’s war already started.

If the war started with that alliance it should remain there, and there should be a mechanism for blocking kicking players when the # of players drops to below 9 or whatever number means they can’t be in war. Just seems like another spoiling method from some alliances.  Shouldn’t be hard to put in an anti kick mechanism once war starts, might be a good thing.

It almost never happens though. Like a few times a year, maybe. 

I agree it’s rare, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be looked at.

Yet we have 2 in one war phase that we know about - there were probably more. I think once players are in for the war they should be locked in, that prevents other types of machiavelian tactics also. 

What’s the advantage to the team that drops out? Nobody gets any chests or season rewards and you’re dropped down to league of mortals. Plus you only have 7 players left. I think Machiavelli is losing his edge on this one.

EDIT: And what if you picked up a spy before war and they’re posting screenshots of your battle orders all over the place? You wouldn’t want the ability to kick that player?

EDIT2: I sincerely doubt there were more this week. It almost never happens.

Well, the point is, it does happen (however rarely) and should be looked at by the devs (just waiting for an answer now).  I don’t really care about ‘what ifs’ and ‘almost’.  I’m not (and don’t think anyone is) demanding something be done about it today, but it does need to be looked at in the next update.

@dumpster my quote said ‘other types of machiavelian tactics’ like teams sending spies and also players filling up spaces in an alliance then leaving the moment the war starts. That is what I’m talking about and it happens quite a lot.