Only 21 GOLD Thropies again include watch dog how exhausting..

dear jona, rr2 have ao much hold thropies. For me the only thropies i want to acchieve is watch dow tower that reward are 1000 gems. Othe reward 100 gems already achieve. My queation are : is anay instant way to get all thropies. And what the benefits… No competition on it… Plus now souch newpnater. The other troops like archer or else dont use it anymore. Also magic. No one use toxic anymore… What the solution!!!

I have no clue what you are saying.  I use toxic all the time though, it’s potent!

I think he mean some quest is too hard to get.


I suggest you to spam archer and toxic cloud in dungeon.

Wew my auto spell on my handphone hahaha i meant that I kinda bored with gold thropies that we must achieve. The latest gold thropies that If we accomplished 70 dungeons we will get 500 GEMS . If our wave become 240 we will get 1000 gems and so much more. I counted last 21 gold thropies again in my RR2 account. But there some gold thropies i cant achieve like using toxic speel 10000 times or so on. Using defence spell 10000 times. So what do you think guys abaout this gold thropies… I think we should get some privalage getting all the gold thropies beside gems and gold. Tq

a minor permanent upgrade to your king would be great and not overpowered  such as +2 to attack or something small maybe it the difference maker .00001% but nothing that a single slightly better item in granny shop would be seriously i bought a ring that went from 644 leadership to 648 leadership… just because i wanted to best gear