Only 3 Alliances in our Conquest???

Is this a bug? Why are there only 3 Alliances in our Conquest. One corner empty (opposite corner of us), and my alliance is the unlucky one who got stuck between the other 2 alliances. So they have lots of territory to build, claim, and move easily, but we have to fight both to get anywhere. No way we can claim any stone resource that is that far away with waterways and two alliances free to move through opposite unopposed corner. Never want to be in this situation again!

Yeah, that is rough. Not sure the best way to deal with an odd number of alliances…

Maybe they could make a 3 sided map for those rare occurrences.

So others get a quarter of the map free and still exploit the choke point make by water title to block ? So greedy lol ? 

Devils’ Advocate here, but could it be possible there were 4 teams when the CQ started and one disbanded or went inactive right after it started?


Only 1 of them were greedy, but we were able to claim the areas needed to pass. We did not get blocked in, but we were fighting 24/7 to claim and keep what we claimed.

Could be possible. Then we had a very unlucky matchmaking experience. Devs need to look into having a prompt to triangle map or circle map, if one or two alliances disbanded or go inactive right after Conquest starts. I would think with this being a few events down the road that they would have already had a solution to this issue. Not a good game experience on a square map with only 3 alliances, for sure.

Hi Josslynfire,

It is not a bug. Unfortunately, because of the team distribution, it happens to a very small number of alliances to be only in trios on the map. I understand the issue though and will forward your feedback to the developers.

Thank you!

Thank you Madlen. A prompt to a triangle map for this type of issue would be much better, because I do not want to play another Conquest like that again. I am sure that the other 2 alliances matched with us were very happy with their placement on the map. Only the alliance stuck in the middle would find a problem with this issue, and rightly so.