Only 30 medals at every fight!


I have played the game before 4 years and was level 80 with 4000 trophies.

I started playing again now before 2 months. The problem was that lvl 80 was way to weak for 4000 trophies and I dropped a lot. Now I am level 88 and I have 2000 trophies. But I think that the game thinks that I am a better player and need to attack players with 4000 trophies. I only get 30 medals at every fight and not more than 200.000 gold. Is there anyway to fix this? Thank you for your time.

My ingame name is now IIIIIIIIIIIIIIll 14x I(i) 2xl(L)

Yes. Be a better player and attack 4000 trophies :grinning:

I can not attack those player ?, I need to be minimum level 110, I think, to attack 4000 trophies.

I had the same problem when I came back after a ~1 year break from this game.
Lost a lot of trophies because my defenses could not defend anything ?, and random raid button started only showing me bases with the minimum medals and no decent gold.
I had to use the search feature to find some good raids for a while.

It took me some time to recover, with upgrading and forging everything nonstop. Now it’s all back to normal, ~1k medals per raid again

Find some bases with good rewards, that you can beat without big difficulties, and save them on your favorites list
and then only raid those bases until you become stronger and gain enough trophies to make random raid button start showing those type of bases to you.

Is there no other way? Because this would take 1 or 2 years. I have just 2000 trophies and I am level 88. I should have 4000 ??‍♂️.

anyone having problem login the game ?"


I don’t know, I’m just sharing what I did. It took me a few months but it solved the issue.

And it’s important to notice that the average number of trophies has decreased a lot for all players.
These are screenshots of Top 10: before I left the game and now:


All current players on ~4000 trophies are above lvl 100 now, as you can check using the advanced search feature.

The game changed a lot since then.