Only 40 levels left! How do you get Warriors Package?...

RR2, I’m on a quest to Lv.120! I believe that, someday, Flare will reward the higher-leveled players, and I want to be prepared!

But… The difference between 35,000,000 and 2,300,000,000 is such a large gap… I’d rather buy my way there for 99.9% off.

So I need your help. What were you doing when Flare gave you all Warriors Packages? And more importantly, how many can each player get? :slightly_frowning_face:

Seriously? We only get 1 each? ):

in the past were more than one package for me. as i remind i got a 2, a 3 and a 3 lvl update. but thats was a long time ago.

Sentinel you don’t need buy it since Alliance war show up. with ally war you play much more then ever before, if you participate.

i collect in 2 weeks a few millions xp and i played not much.when i reached lvl 114 the cost to lvl 115 were 56500 gems. i played a little bit and collect Xp.

now the prize is ca. 50000 gems.

with alliance war all kings in this game level up faster, faster then many like.

don’t buy, play more to lvl up.

The stronger your opponent the more XP you get.



As I’ve mentioned before - not exactly that. You get xp based on level and amount of troops/towers you destroy. Level 60 destroying base of level 90 6000 trophy+ player (with maxed out everything) with full defenses up, would receive same 80 000 experience points as would receive any other level (even level 100+) versus this same base. It’s not exactly about strength, just about amount of towers/troops and their levels. Poor designed bases with maxed out everything could be pretty easy, still give same xp. And some not maxed out bases could be harder and give less xp.

Maybe in the past there were more - now that is not the case, sadly.

I don’t think they will come up often… I think it’s 1500 gems… or something… no matter how much it actually costs… You need to have less gems than it requires to get it.



From memory, the warrior package is 750 gems. I have not seen it come around very often. I bought one a few months back to go from high 70s to low 80s.

As with other game packages to get them offered to you, you need to be low on gems.

i.e. you are only offered packages to entice you to buy gems and not to just to spend them.

Not sure I understand the logic there perfectly but this is what I have seen to date.


Now, with the way skulls are calculated in wars right now, you should ask yourself if gaining levels quickly is worth it?

Since your defense (waves mostly, but also towers) will not increase, do the increased stats and the better gear offered by granny balance the extra skulls you will give your opponents? You might light up as the new weak link your team and lose tens of thousand of skulls. Before the wars, I would have bought as many warrior packages as possible. At this point, I would just pass. I actually flinched when I gained a level yesterday. 


If you are as active in the game as you are in the forums, I have no doubt that you will level up very quickly.


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Knight Gallant

I think that Wars are going to change. I think it’s going to end up being based on the levels of permanent buildings, such as Farms and Wizard Tower. Fingers crossed §


What a wager. Where do you even get ideas like “Flare will reward it’s top players” and "“Wars are going to change”? Do you have any evidence supporting these claims? If so, share. If not, take some time to find perspective; I hope you’re not the type who creates strange realities for himself. 

Evidence? Sheesh, can I not just have a hunch? I’m explaining my reasoning, not trying to convince anyone to follow me -__-


At this point of the game, I would gladly pay even for mere +2-3 level package since I accumulate gems from winning leagues and defensing without having a good reason to spend them.

Too bad Flare dropped those packages…


Do you  remember if those packages were offered to you if you had less gems than what was required to buy them? At which levels they occurred to you? How much did they cost?

You always have to have less than what the package costs. Flare wouldn’t reward free players :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry Evelthon i don´t remind the cost of them but they show up in package with something else. the packages were shown up same like today, only when you have less gems.

At the begining of this game there were differrent package showed up. thats why i have 15 workers, they were offert in packages.

as i wrote it was a long long time ago, over a year.


It’s alright, Mischreiber, thanks for replying anyway.


I was hoping that there is still some chance to repeat the conditions to make this packages appear, but anyway since it’s been over a year that they showed, then it means that Flare stopped them forever.


Last month I kept my gems low (around 200-300) as an experiment for many weeks but didn’t see any package coming, so at this point I just give up.

I keep getting Units Package, but they want 1,500 just for Cannon )= 6Mil gold / 1500 gems = only 4,000 gold per gem -.-


Hello everyone,I know this thread is kinda old.Anyway I have a question too.What do you mean by one each?Does it mean that it will only appear one time then after that it will never appear again or It will appear again but you can buy it once only.

Because The warrior package appeared yesterday but unfortunately I only have around 300+ gems.

If it appears again ,can you tell me how to accumulate 750 gems in 5 hrs:)

I really want the 3rd spell slot and 3rd troop slot.Any help would be appreciated:)

This Package appears till about Level 50.

To accumulate gems, you need to attempt gem dungeons when the package appears and convert vouchers into gems.