Only allow matchmaking to affect trophies. "Yes" or "no"?

I’ve sent my suggestion to flare on this before but I suppose if more players support the idea, then it’ll be more convincing.

What I suggest is to only have matchmaking raids to affect trophies and not allow players to “skip” in matchmaking, similar to what we have in festival. You can see the preview and you can start raid, that’s it.

This will “fix” the new situation created by the locking of ninja event and it will partially help those who are not happy to keep having the same player steal trophies from them (personally I don’t have a problem with this).

So, “yes” or “no”?


No and you know why:)
Ability to attack players u dont like direct style- is awesome)

Skip we can always, since we don’t have to press button Raid, we can always go back or in extreme situation, close the game and not use matchmaker.

When we can go back, we just pick another player (alliance or player search) and next time we use matchmaker, another base will be given, it’s as simple as that.

So there is some kind of skipping that you already can’t prevent. We already get less trophies when we don’t use matchmaker. I guess that is already enough.

What can be done is prevent trophy stripping by same player. When you can max get 3 times trophies from a player during a day, that would prevent that players keep raiding a lot of times per day. But this won’t prevent stripping trophies by a complete team, so will it be worth it? I would say no.

Nah dont see any reasons to limit attacks
What a stupid idea for war game
Whats next? Limit the gems u can buy?

Yes・・・ :shushing_face:
If this reform eliminates trophy complaints, I may agree.
But if I can’t skip the opponent, it will be difficult to adjust the trophy.
Surely I will need to use gem to win and get trophy.
The strain on the game increases.
There is no objection if you are fine with this.

I don’t said attack limits. Limitation of 3 attacks per hour is fine, when a player wants to raid more times per day, that’s ok with me.

I said, stripping trophies limitation by one player, but even that is not needed. Actually I am fine with current system.

What I only notice, is that matchmaker nowadays has very selective group of players he offers. I often get same set of players offered, within a very short period of time. And even players from same team immediately the one after the other. Can that be adjusted and be more variable?

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Yes for me, if they change a bit the MM…

Yes for me too. But why not keep the skip option as it is now? With some improvements to matchmaker algoritm eveyone then would still have enough choice

and how exactly does ‘two or more teams dumping cups on each other to get everyone in a higher ninja-tier’ fit into a wargame? Explain plz :wink:

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Yes completely agree. Only matchmaking should affect trophies

And more info should be given while selecting fights through match making

Or flare could reduce the trophy penalty for failed attacks in matchmaking and increase the penalty for direct attacks to encourage players to play via matchmaking.
And also stop giving hidden treasures through direct attacks

I want have an ability to attack my rival hourly;)

This here :point_up_2:

Man, you will talk this way with your wife, if you have it.
Chill it, there is no your slaves here to answer your silly questions.

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“No.” It’s a very bad idea.

Trophies are merely bragging rights, the system has always been like that, why should it change ?
I would prefer dev focusing on game modes than this. Clearly No… either way it isn’t event that relevant.

I can see how many won’t like it heading into ninja or going back up from much lower amounts safer, not just because of the exploit possibilities. Some limits don’t sound too bad though, maybe that and only values for history attacks to a point (capped). If they keep going, you can keep attacking lol. No real gamer is going to be on board with changes that can’t let you get even some for the damage done.

Biggest thing for me concerning the pt system is reasonable gain/losses for once lol. I don’t know about all of you, maybe I’ve finally broken things with forging my gear, units, and spells too much etc., but there are times I can’t find anyone higher than 3-4 matchmaking at rank level or higher. Going higher with search doesn’t always help much since it’s capped at 14 currently and inconsistently so. One guy might be worth 6 200 higher, while another 2. Some balancing or pt gain based off of the place on the leaderboard instead of what I can do vs them might be nice. Cover the gap in rank, not the gap in strength, a lot is boosting after all. The defense might be stellar and require them to hunt lower, or pathetic missing the popular boosts and making it a chore to go higher even if they can with randoms themselves.

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