Only have 2 Spells in Pro League Cleric Cup

I tried to change the order of the spells for pro league then some other spells pop ups like Hammerstrike and Toxic Poison (the heal is disappear). In confusion I just try to attack but then the game disconnected. After I open the game again, I only got 2 spells in this pro league: Firestrom and Bladestrom. In display there’s I got Firestrom, Bladestrom, and Firestrom but when I try to play pro league, the other Firestrom is just a display(?) because in reality I can only use 2 slot spells in this pro league. @Madlen Can you fix this bug asap? The time of pro league near end.

alguien me explique que paso los hechizos estan desaperecio un hechizo y solo apaprecio dos hechizo de fuego inservibles perdi 4 minutos valiosos pense que mi pc era el problema y lo reinicie y volvi a jugar y el problema persistia señores desarrolladores del juego dean solucion a mis minutos perdidos del juego


@Gianmarco You and I have the same problem. How can something like this happen?? ?

By look at the screenshot it seems you lost your bladestrom and you can’t use firestroms on the 3rd slot spells (number 7). I hope they fix it asap, 11h 47m more until pro league ended. I already contact support but has yet to get an answer from them (my request number: 127562).


Edit for the 1st post: the spells that pop up replacing Heal are Hammerstrike and *Toxic Cloud ?

It happened because you poked too much which game cant handle (in a funny way dont take this comment seriously)  :wink:

Perhaps you’re right, I shouldn’t change the order of the spells.

1h 47m remaining and the bug still there. No answer from support nor from here. ?

Hello RoyaleDing2,

Our testers are looking into this issue.

Hey! Same problem here!

I usely play PL in the last 2-3h before it finishes and I too tried to change the order of my spells once and bang, this happened.

I did the lvl 1 just to check if it was a visual bug but it was not, since when I tried to cast the spell on slot number 7 (the one that was doubled) the spell was nullified, nothing happened.

After this happened I also experienced 2 or 3 disconnects while at the PL main road map.
When it reconnected, it was still the same way.

I doubt there will be time to fix this issue in time to finish it… but glad I’m not the only one with the problem. That way they can look into it faster perhaps…

I’m playing on PC with Windows 10.

IGN: King RazGriz


Current;y I’m on the X challenge. 1h remaining until the pro league ended and my result isn’t that good too (because missing that spells). 11 minutes, 3 levels to go. Can you fix it before the pro league ended? Can I have a expectation here or just continue the PL to at least make my precious pro ticket not too useless by do nothing?

I’m not doing anymore fights on it.

I already did the 1st level to see if it was a visual bug or not, but not going to do anymore… I’m not going to risk a crappy performance because of the fact that I have only 2 spells from the very beggining.

If there is no fix and time to finish it until it ends, I only expect my ticket back.

But I am sure they will let us know.

Sad to hear there’s many players have this problem.

With the problem which sacrifice those expensive Pro - Ticket, I hope they give us compensation regarding this matter. For those who participate in Pro League every week, this problem will affect his/her monthly score so I don’t think only getting ticket back is the answer.

Ended with disappointment . . .

So are we getting our ticket back??

Any answer on this matter? @Madlen

(Also, game on Windows PC is not oppening, before the loading screen it closes by itself, the issue started this afternoon to me, but to other member in my alliance he could not get in the game since this morning - unless he opened directly from the Windows Store; here I tried this approach and it did not work)

Hello guys, I have just issued a statement about this. We are thankful for all information that could help us to fix the bug. Please leave comments with the following information below, if you experience the same issue:

-Device of the affected player

-Operating system of the affected player

-Steps to reproduce the problem

-Frequency (How often does the bug occur?)

-For how long has the bug been occurring?


-Device of the affected player: PC Desktop

-Operating system of the affected player: Windows 10

-Steps to reproduce the problem: When try to changing the order of the spells (3 of them)

-Frequency (How often does the bug occur?): This is the 1st time I tried to do that so the problem surely for the 1st time too

-For how long has the bug been occurring?: From the time the problem showing up until the end of pro league

Dear RoyaleDing2,

We have just attempted a fix. If you still experience issues after this, please let us know in the comments in this thread. We are sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced.

Thank you!

-Device of the affected player: Lenovo Ideapad 310 Laptop

-Operating system of the affected player: Windows 10

-Steps to reproduce the problem: Happened right of the bat when I tried to change the order of the spells for the first run on the first level

-Frequency (How often does the bug occur?): First time it happened. Have been changing the troops and spells in other PLs and up until the last Cleric Cup it was fine. (Can’t say how it is now since the participation for the new league hasn’t started yet)

-For how long has the bug been occurring?: I do enter on leagues early the majority of the times so I don’t lose the deadline, but because i’m busy I can only play near the end of it. In my case, I started playing when there was over 3h left for the PL to be finished, and since the first level until the end of the league the problem was not solved.

(and I lost my ticket…  ? waited and waited for a fix because did not want to do fights with only 2 spells and the League ended… some might say “oh but you could have played with 2 spells either way to get some more points, cristals and maybe another chest” but then I would fell like a hypocrite by playing all levels and still demanding my ticket back, and that does not work for me.)

OK, so do you want me try to do it (change the order) in the future pro league (tomorrow) or not? because I got reply from support that state to avoid those action in the futures pro league.

No ticket refund and no answer?

I’ll take the issue to support then.

Change the order of Spells in Pro League Hellfire Cup

I tried to change the order and the other spells pop up again. When I try to attack the base, the game disconnected. After connect again, the spells change to it’s original kind and original place, just like it’s never been change. I can play just like usual when I don’t try to change the order of the spells after that.

Here’s the video:!X2IEGQ6S!KdKrQ6liNt4M8fHg_tv8hwFzxhA5zzDyrdw6Xv1aYmE!PmhDQShZ!OZDCxfhyqgUgwPYaIsJqnth0O-CcgawqLRoYkUE9IyM


ps. I tried multiple times but the number of spells weren’t reduced. It got back to the original again after disconnected caused by that bug.

Hi there,

The videos were really helpful, thank you for that.

We have attempted a fast solution with this fix, so that people still can play and enjoy pro-league. What the fix does is, it gives you a disconnect, once the bug occurs and then when you log in again the loadout is fixed. However, we are still working on a permanent solution for this and apologize for any inconvenience that occurs. Thank you for your understanding. We are still welcoming any further information.