Only One Chest On First Festival Day?

Usually on the first day of a festival there are two chances to get 15 crowns and two chests. On this first day I only got one shot. Is that planned, or did I do something incorrectly?

Also, why is there no “festival” tag?

If I am correct, only during the first 12 hours after start of event, you can gain 2 chests.

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It’s almost that.

I think that as long as you get your first chest in the first 12hours, you can get your 2nd chest too before the 2nd day challenges begin.

For example, I still have only collected my first one but can get the 2nd:

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Because there is an events: blacksmith-and-more - tag
I have adjusted it for your topic.

Seems like a pretty random tag. But, your forum.