Only one Special Season Condition

I’m sorry flare, but I’m not that impressed that there’s only one special season boost.

The Mini Monk doesn’t seem to special and there isn’t even a video attached.

What’s more, there is only one special season condition? And why is the war season named ‘Cruel Cannons’? when there isn’t anything Cannon-themed?

Are you running out of ideas? Or are you just not paying as much attention to RR2?

It’s the later, more like mothballing it altogether.

They video might be under development and the named the event cruel canon coz they might make some changes in the last day. Just wait till then. Side works needs time.

This will be fixed with the next server update, as it is needed to setup new conditions and new boosts.

Do you know what they will be?

Yes I do, and it will be communicated tomorrow with the live server update.

I know it sounds like I’m pestering you, but we’ve always known the conditions right after war.  Are there major changes coming and why out of curiosity the additional wait to announce it?

Okay, that’s fine. But I agree with Heldeep, why not tell us now?


  • 10 % Skullbonus
  • 50% Shield cost
  • 50% Champion cost


  • Mini Monk
  • Basilisk Bomber


Another war season great for level 65 alliances then :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

& the name of the season… :rolleyes:

dont’ get carried away, we’ve pushed for enough today :stuck_out_tongue:

I\m going to guess the season will be called:

Stoner Monks

For such a creativity you should be rewarded like 5000 gems.

Oh God! How can you do stuffs like that? I guess even flare was hitting their head hard to name the event. You made it TOTALLY EASY.

Cheers Man!

Is Basilisk Bomber a brand new boost just like Mini Monk? Sounds interesting :slight_smile:  

Apparently, it can be beat with a weasel.

According to the _Naturalis Historia_of Pliny the Elder, the basilisk of Cyrene is a small snake, “being not more than twelve fingers in length”,[2] that is so venomous, it leaves a wide trail of deadly venom in its wake, and its gaze is likewise lethal; its weakness is in the odor of the weasel, which, according to Pliny, was thrown into the basilisk’s hole, recognizable because all the surrounding shrubs and grass had been scorched by its presence.

Just saying, do you smell like a weasel?

Basilisk Bomber sounds like Bomb tower spawn mortars

I guess Basilisk Bomber spawn mortar after the snake tower gets destroyed. :huh:

This man speaks truth