ONLY THE LEADER EXPULSES: It is not the first time that a general, tired of belonging to an alliance, has gone to another, but not before having expelled some members of it. Not all are like that, but some generals who disagree with the alliance, before leaving to another have expelled leaving the alliance, almost without members. I think that the expulsion should only be done by the leader. Recruiting members for an alliance, it is difficult and this debría to have only the protection of the leader. THANK YOU.

Please bring back the expelled infantry With reference to records of alliance warfare and system mail.

While this is frustrating to have a General leave after kicking members, you can’t take away one of the important roles of a general. Most alliances have a continued discussion day after day, keeping track of the active members and how well they participate. Normally, Generals don’t kick unless told by the Leader. I believe that your case is EXTREMELY rare, and therefore, there is no reason to remove this function

If we take away this function because of this ONE case, then what’s next? Why would we not take away the starting boosts problem! Generals will waste gold all the time to start boosts that were not told to be started. This happens much more often (but still not often enough to be removed from the game) than the case that you explained in your topic. So no, flare should NEVER take away this function from the General. Why? Because every General is the Leader’s responsibility. The leader promoted them, giving them the ability to start or continue boosts, and kick players that kick-worthy


Imagine what life is like for Kim Jong-on.  Everyday he’s worried about his Generals killing him, so he has to expel then proactively… just to be safe.  The morale of the story is:  Pick your generals carefully, and monitor them for signs of dissatisfaction, loyalty, and potential insurrection.  

Yeah, lol, I was gonna say…I don’t think he’s the one that’s worried. I mean, he killed a general cause he fell asleep during one of his speeches…tsk,tsk,tsk

If you don’t want to give such function to anyone, then don’t make anyone a general. Simple solution.

Totally agree, Only give the promotion to players that you can trust

I still think there should be several tiers of players. Leader… generals…captains…

with different roles for each

I agree, but we need to figure out what the “captain” position would be in charge of. Perhaps just putting in boosts, you know, one step below the generals

No one messes with boost in my ally but me … The leader?. Otherwise crazy generals would spend all the upgrade money… lmfao

That’s why you only give the General position to those who you trust…100% the Leader’s fault if that sort of thing happens

It never happens my generals behave!!

Why have generals, if you don’t allow them to do anything. Generals only kick with permission from the leader. You’re alliance would be the same if you didn’t have generals, from what you’ve said. I mean, no offense meant, cause, I totally respect your opinion on how to run your alliance

Ah in some ways that is true. My generals do get permission from me for most things. If a player is nasty or such they will kick them immediately. When it comes to alliance spending, I am definitely the banker. My generals do have important roles on alliance discussions and overall planning for the ally and for war strategy. When it comes to the end of the day tho. I am the King ??

True, I forgot about the war lol. But yeah, most alliances have it similar to the way you do. Generals should ask before doing anything

…lol… and really since we have kings… should it not be princes, knights, etc? 

The first promise of my alliance was "Make all members general”

 I make a special donation at the first alliance war…
“Nobody can use it at the time” There was a bad person who made a donation to the" Monk season  war boost."

The criminal was found but it ran away soon.

This game is not just a good user account.
There are also malicious ones inside. Do not forget your vigilance.

Well, that was your first mistake lol. You shouldn’t ever say something like that. There’s always that one player that wants to waste gold. Never have anyone be a general immediately unless it’s a friend you can trust. Then, after a while, choose the most reliable high donating players as your generals

Half a year I worked hard with that rule :lol:。。。 :open_mouth: <_< :slightly_frowning_face:

I got tired of compromising now, Passion has disappeared

Passion for continuing to persuade someone, etc.




Wishful thinking here:

Able to give custom titles for each player.

Able to set available actions for each title or player.  ie boosts, kick, war, etc