Only with MUMMY


Just for fun


Good video! Mummies are awesome! I would like to have seen Aska used with this combo to provide more mummies, but still a fun video!

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Hi… I dont have nemesis, so i ask this question…

What happens when you use pal flute at the time when your nemesis is under transformation? Simply asking, what happens when you use pal flute with beast celestial nemesis? does it double transform? doe it become twice as powerful? or its transformation duration lengthens?


Nemesis doesn’t turn into a beast anymore, he just spawns a Nemesis Dragon as his special ability. So, using Pal Flute with Nemesis is actually more useful than it used to be

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OIC… What you mean to say is that, during transformation, nemesis stays as it is, but spwans its beast prototype? so there are actually 2 nemesis on the screen? interesting…

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