Open 2 chests with the same rarity with this one

Hi all, I am a level 57 player but I got two titan chests with the quest open “two chests with the same rarity with this one”. I know that since the update, one titan chest has now 60 days before it expires but it is ridiculous how I, a level 57 player, gets two titan chests with this quest. I cannot obtain titan chests from war because of my low level. I also cannot get titan chests from odyssey right now.

This kind of quest should be abolished. Not only does it frustrate low level players like me, it also makes it as though low level players have to buy titan chests in order to unlock one titan chest. I know 60 days is a long time but c’mon developers, if I do not spend 1000 for two titan chests, my only option is to wait for it to expire while all the other titan chests in my inventory stacks up for two months? Really? Why can’t you just have “two chests with the same rarity with this one” quest only for players with ascension level 80 and above? 

This quest is frustrating.

While not trying to undermine the validity of the argument, I would go as far as saying you can reliably get at least one titan chest every war even while you are level 30. The key is to stay within your level range and not dive all the way into top 100 alliances, where you are very unlikely to find targets (Id assume thats the case). Otherwise, I am somewhat surprised this particular quest survived the wave of nerfs recently imposed upon the rotation.

The last two wars, I was always close to the titan chest but falling off by 3,000 or 4,000 points. But I will try again in the next war.

Yes, the specific quest should have been nerfed. Imagine if a player who is lower level than me got this quest, say level 45 and below. It would frustrate him way more than me.

I want this specific quest to be abolished to save the frustration for future newer players. 

TheGodfather have a right.I try break this cursed chest .I spend very more time, battle … but i can´t get same rarity chest and I lost maybe 4 titan chest !!! (time to open this chest maybe was not 59 day so now) Than I decide pay 250 krystal to open the chest.

If I know that, I pay krystal soon and I would have 4 titan chest. Yes, this quest is frustrating !!!

Easy solution for the next time you get this quest: Never open all titan chests you have, always keep 2 closed ones :wink:

Bro I can understand your frustration for not being able to obtain two Titan chest as I too have faced similar issue just like you in the past.

But with 60 days time Limit it is very much possible to complete this quest without losing your other Titan chests.

Although if you find two such tasks back to back then yes there will be a problem as it is happening with me in my new account where I am playing at low Ascension.Where I got this quest during non war season but then again using 250 gems is not expensive option.

I learned a very important thing about this game to is to have lot of patience.

If you are patient then yes completing such task is not hard.Also Olympus Rising is pretty generous with gems and I haven’t seen such thing before as gems are the premium currency of the game.

You can also use 250 gems to unlock the Titan chests too.?


The elegant solution would just be to give the player the option to skip chests :wink:   

Yeah I agree not a bad option either ?

That also works. Hahaha.

I’d rather not use 250 gems to unlock the Titan chest because I can’t afford to keep buying gems. I can only afford the monthly gem pack. So poor. :slightly_frowning_face:

Is this going to be implemented? :wink:

Everyone would skip the “open 2 chests with the same rarity as this one” and then go back to it when they have two titan chests in inventory. :wink:

Hi @TheGodfather

Right now it may seems that you are not finding gems but later on especially 

When you are around 90 Ascenion level with 300k dominance ponits and max level heroes and with four key bonus from prestige points.You start finding gems in the vault.So don’t worry about gems at all just? just play the game and enjoy it.Also captainmaorgan has said that he will bring better gems packs offer in the future update too.?

Well it entirely depends upon the developers.If they want to bring this feature or not.

I hope @CaptainMorgan look into it.So worry not mate I have learned only one thing about this game that every update just make this awesome game even more awesome ?