Open Apology Letter

Hello everyone, following the huge ban wave last month on many Vietnamese players, I have posted a few comments and it turns a little bit messy.

One of the comments was me mentioning Pengelana (IGN) as a possible illegal gem seller.For this I am very sorry that it has polluted his reputation as a player and person.It was not the right thing to do and had caused him troubles.

However I also would like to state that I do not accuse him of selling gems.It was a suspicion but expressed in a wrong way, which is my fault.I will be more careful with my comments in future regarding sensitive topic.

Sorry again,

Fii Nami


when about the ninjas???


When it turned out to be a bad update lol

what about the ninjas??****** :lol: :lol:

Why get so emotionally involved in this game? Just chill. Have a soda. Enjoy some pretzels. Stop being an ass. Enjoy some sunshine. Look at some wildflowers. Stop being an ass. Drink some lemonade. Give some money to charity. Stop being an ass. Give your mom a hug. Visit your siblings. Stop being an ass. Be happy. Think about how nice it is to be alive. Stop being an ass. Have some friends over. Play some boardgames. Stop being an ass.

It takes courage to admit making a mistake or to apologize. Only strong people can do it.

This deserves a respect.

Coming from a butthurt lame ass NA member who is also an asshole himself lol k fck away now

Spoke too soon man, I just cursed Adju lol

Then, you are doomed… Nobody can spook Adju and get out of it alive, lol… :slight_smile:

Hah, he’ll probably make fun of me again here on this forum or raid me over and over.Both won’t bother me, which is nice.The worst is that people will see me more and more like an asshole, which is fine too as I also does not care.

My level of indifference is too high to actually care. lol. :wink: What Fii Nami does around here is all up to him: I’m just bustin’ his chops, as usual. He’s actually a pretty good player and has one of the few bases I lose at, often. In fact, he should document on here how badly I fail and title the thread “The art of the Adjufails”. lololololololololol


Hugs & kisses,


Need push this topic back :stuck_out_tongue:  Fii was right about Pengelana. He got banned today. Not need say sorry to a cheater  :wink:

Just for your information, I didnt meant a single words I wrote.Its all part of the plan :grinning:

Fii knew it all the time, she was just acting. Everything was her evil making :open_mouth:  

Its all very bad. If they start ban for Tapjoy ,we will not see many Rl ,Apo,Vl members

This is great. Ban all the damn cheaters they are pathetic and weak :wink:

You should know that not everyone exploit tapjoy like you did.

? I did?))

u know more then im

but i know maaaaaaaany who exploided

their r in apo and rl now


I dont care if they in are Apo or RL, cheater deserves a ban.