Open bases

If someone is looking for an open base or wants to open his/her own base, then he/she is welcome to write in this topic!

If I understand this concept correctly it means having no towers, barricades/blockades, or traps in your path to gate?  Opponents would only have your troops/beast to contend with?

Please verify if my understanding is correct and why you would want to do this.

People who have open bases are opening simply to drop trophies. The main time you’ll see players drop is before war and ninja events. For ninja’s it makes the rounds easier for you and for wars, it can trick other players into attacking your base, because you’re at a lower trophy level. It’s a fairly good strategy

Also people open their base for allow the others to gain gold easily. If some have 15 Millions and nothing to spend it then they open their base and allow others to get it. Its a very well concept create since 2016 or before. Good when there is no gold around

This changes so often, a Thread here will become outdated very soon. Better check Facbook Group for this. Just search for Royal Revolt Open Base.

Are there open bases with a lot of gold (I will spend it to improve my base)? I’m putting more time on looking for opponents with a lot of gold instead of attacking them.

Are there open bases (I don’t need them because I maxed everything) for low/medium level players?