Open bases?

I think we need a list of open bases. So, if you have an open base, post your in-game and what time you’re open.

IGN: Ovoneus

Time: In between war seasons

IGN: Somu240

Inbetween war seasons

Todesritter KillemOG


in between wars but base strength changes at my whim lol


Gem trapper :grinning:

Sentinal I saw you riding my base. I am just curious how much medals and gold I gave?

My ign: somu240

A huge list of regularly opened bases between the seasons. But only on our alliance chat. Sorry.


Like the idea though… :slight_smile:

@Somu240: Just game-generated gold ): Starting at 130k, ending at 80k. But I had an 85% gold boost on, so it ended up being a lot more :wink:

I’m also not sure how much gold I gave, but I got attack 150 times, so it must’ve been a lot :'3

IGN: Aureo11235813

Time: In between war seasons

Royal Revolt 2 Open Base (on facebook) load of open base info

The link:!/groups/393251217502185

My base is open, Search for my username: Random Goose

Hi again. My base is semi-open right now.


IGN: Aureo11235813

Semi open

Ign : wiltotan

i really could need a fully open base :wink:

so medal caount is how strong the defense is? so its so for what open base is good? i dont think ppls giveing away gold :wink: