Open bases?

Open right now, no waves, just 3 skulls, 3 traps and 1 barricade.


Completely open now.



IGN : Soilwk

fully open

Edward the 7th open. Need to drop some trophies.

Please also check out our other members.

IGN : Soilwk


My base will be open for a couple of days. thanks Edward for mentioning other members.

Closed again, but no barricades. So, still easy.


And a lot of loot left for the raiders… Good luck.

Yusuf12 , open base

Ign : Soilwk

Any open bases???

Open bases?

I’ll open mine up.

Random Goose in-game

Mine is open, just has troops. Easy to beat with paladins. Just cant be bothered to removed them all then remember my set up

The Fresh One

Check bases of Edward the 7th and Dena4, they are open.

Everybody on these page and facebook says its open,but they are either semi open or open with insane troop level.within 40sec its game over

Are you saying my base is very hard/impossible to beat now it’s semi open?


Only one skull tower (level 3). Furthermore non boosted barricades plus blockades plus my waves are weakened a lot.


Wave 1 has one troop (one blazing knight), wave 2 two troops (blazing knight plus an archer), wave three knight, archer, paladin and so on. I skipped the monsters in wave 1 till 8 and added a troop every wave. Only wave 9 contains two maxed non boosted ogres. The knights are boosted, rest of the troops in waves aren’t.


When you have diffifculties beating my base, I think the problem is that your king is still very low ranked, otherwhise my base is quite easy.

My base is completely open, no buildings or troops.

IGN - The Fresh One

And no Dena’s base is not impossible I just beat it 3 times in a row with level 3 blizzard, level 2 bladestorm and level 2 shield with only level 4 cannons and I’m level 57

IGN : Soilwk

My base is have no wade right now , good for who need medal

Your base is-int open