Open letter to Flare - Why I quit the game

Dear Flare,

I decided to quit playing Royal Revolt 2. Why? Because the playing experience is now negatively affected by your customer support. Particularly, my last complaint thread was just locked without giving me a right to reply, and basically stating that if you don’t remember the exact number of gems you lost, you are out of luck getting any refund.

I’ll re-iterate again, placing the burden if proof in a customer when it was your mistake in the first place is wrong. I do not understand why you fail to realize this, maybe is the company culture or maybe you are understaffed. Or you don’t have a proper way to easily retrieve that information in the first place. Regardless, as a customer I feel I am treated badly.

The real reason I am writing this post is a different one. I want to thank you not for the game, but for the vibrant community you help create around the game. I met people that I can call friends and that in itself is worth it.

I thank you and thank everybody on the forums and Facebook groups. You are wonderfull friends and the main factor in what makes the game worth playing.

Best Regards,


As you a top player and this letter is directed twards Flare itself i wont comment.


But jus wondering…how many gems were you cheated of?

I don’t think it’s the number, it’s the principle. I understand why they did what they did. They don’t want a load of people trying to cheat there way to some free gems. However they should acknowledge some of their more loyal players.


In understand this, but I also understand why the players want to be taken seriously and treated fairly. So a solution that treats everyone equally would have been a lot better than that.

Seeing that I doubt they wanted to refund their players. They just wanted to quiet down the forum and basically paid the loudest complainers a few gems to shut up while making sure it’s not too easy to get their refund.

This behaviour doesn’t exactly make me feel like a valued customer. And I’m not surprised others see it the same way…

no no I read the letter I understand the argument.


Just my curiosity that makes me wonder what makes one of the best wanna leave cold turkey.


almost didnt wanna touch this thread cuz clearly hes emotional.


Ill be quiet

its a sad day for me to lose someone like Sorin 


Silver lining is he achieved everything in the game and leaving on TOP. So good luck.


I do understand the stand he has taken for all of us. Hope this does change flares approach to customers emotions.

I too felt slightly upset about this, as I know I lost some gems but because I didn’t know what the previous value was of these achievements before it was changed. It wasn’t as much as some of these other players, so I just crossed it off as a loss.


Sorry to see you go Sorin.

I, too, may quit. The game is no longer a fun and enjoyable pastime. It has become a complicated, confusing game in which fun is no longer emphasized. It is a dreadfully competitive game where money (meaning real $$$) is the key to victory.


It strikes me as one of two things, or maybe both: Flaregames is becoming greedy, or Flaregames is going bankrupt. Neither is favorable. Maybe I’ll begin another game; who knows? Maybe I’ll play RR1 until RR2 settles down (if it ever does…). Or maybe I’ll begin Clash of Clans (although that game never struck me favorably; it seemed complicated and strange). But RR2 is losing players left and right, and it is their own fault. As proof, my favorites list: every single person (except one) has gone inactive. I then chose other new favorites, but four of those have already gone inactive too. If Flaregames keeps up this P2W mentality, or something similar to it, I, too, will go inactive…

Also, if anyone has noticed, Flaregames’ Royal Revolt page has dropped in likes… by (at one point) almost 2000! Royal Revolt will become obsolete if they are not careful…

Sad to see you go and I wish you the best!


Well, to be honest flare games didn’t create the community, we the individual people made the community what it is. Only after several months and pleading/begging did they release a real forums for us. The community matured and grow on youtube and facebook mainly due to the lack of patch notes and need for free food with facebook friends. This is really a mature community and not something you see a lot in games now a days and for that I applaud all the people that make up the RR2 community. You guys are awesome! Thanks for everyone you did sorinM and thanks for anyone and everyone that is part of our community

There is nothing wrong with the forums… I will probably stay as part of the forums although I will not play RR2… and there always is a chance that RR2 will change again… for the better… and then I will rejoin, but I will start over…



they have made a fun game as a small German company. Going up agent powerhouse developers in Japan, Korea and America.


The problems they having can be atributited to growing pains in a new app enviornment where they are constantly updating the game to keep alive.


A game like the Legend of Zelda by Nintendo goes into years of developent somtimes taking years to publish due to a miriad of technical issues.


Ill go ahead and say Royal Revolt could be that big if they play there cards right. And that might invaulve them to actually distance themselves from moving at the slightest resistance and holding to a larger model.


Id let RR2 die and focus on RR3.


but what do I know :sunglasses:

*sigh* As a growing free-player with lots of time needed to catch up, I’m really sad seeing one of those top ranks deciding to step away.

…and not because of personal issues like family or work, but disappointed in the gamemakers themselves. Sadly if this trend continues, flaregames would enjoy the spotlight in the mobile gaming industry only in 2014, and might not return in '15.


Maybe flare didn’t really want to look so greedy, but with the way things are it’s gonna get worse. They should value players not only those who are paying but for those who play for free. It’s not like they’re just there for the increase in Game Downloads… or is it? At most, they should’ve placed top priority to top players like Sorin. With how I see it, no amount of Gem Discounts would make a player stick after that experience. I dunno. :slightly_frowning_face:


Maybe they need to rethink things a bit. Make something new for individual players (not just alliances) but I guess it will take time. Who knows maybe a few months later he’ll be back.

First all need to undrstand, Its ok that flare take money and its fair, thats the only way they can keep develope this great game, keep all servers up, its cost a lot of money to them to let one milion players keep playing on the servers!

I hope they keep develope this game for the next few years, and it will be the next ‘’ world of warcraft ‘’ :slight_smile:

Second: sorin my friend is a great player and big donator to game that help to develope this game.

Flare have the best coustemer service that i know, they never fail me, just wait, they make a great game and it take time and little mistakes from time to time, so i wont say good bye to you becouse we wont let you leave our great group SK :slight_smile:

Just only not only SorinM quiting the game but thousand of them including me! :slightly_frowning_face:

400k likes? but the game just have 50k active  :huh:

Even if sorins complaint is dealt with, it shouldn’t have to come down to this. Again people are venting their own frustrations with RR that has slowly been eating at them the last few months. Their seems to be still a lot of tension between flare and the players, maybe in time it will die down, it will if people actually walk away. I’ve said before traffic is what makes a game, as soon as 1 leaves another follows it could soon be a ghost town.


The thing that I hate is their is a feedback/suggestion thread that was community built. I see little attempt to see these fulfilled.(ok a few) but it’s been up their for months now. Is it a pointless feature, they’re always going to do what benefits them the most. Money/player happiness balance has to be right and it’s a little off right now.

Exactly! But I think if enough people quit RR2, they will be forced to listen…

I’m sorry to see you going away…

I think everyone who quits RR2 is sorry to quit, also… (including SorinM)


But the problem is that I’m not sure if Flaregames is actually sorry to see them go…