Open letter to Flaregames

Dear developers,

I hope you all are working hard on giving back Olympus Rising its glory days (which wasn’t long ago).

Why have you nerfed the defense system? Before those 2 updates we were able to gain trophies both with defending and attacking. First you guys nerfed the defense and overnight made it useless, throwing the efforts of alliances who maintain divine blessings to the rubbish bin. And you also introduced a bug which people exploited successfully (ie the surrender and score trophy bug).

Then you saw that big players stopped spending and you patched a quick fix which is totally ridiculous. So I am now expected to score 1 trophy if I win and my defense loses me hundreds of trophies. And no one dare tell me my defense is a joke, Im ascencion level 72 and I invested time and money and experimented a lot configuring.

Flaregames you are just trying to save the day.

Make defense useful again.

Your gamers are not stupid. Don’t treat us like fools. We expect you to create a fair play so we keep supporting you with purchases. Otherwise you are done!

Hello Quron,

Thank you for your feedback. 

We know about the issues which happened over the weekend with the trophy system, and the last two updates happened to patch things up.

Let us know what you think of it now please, and truly sorry for the troubles.

Aether, my main issue with the current state is defences are “worthless”. I am ascension 71, with 5 barrier 16 and 1 barrier 15 (near max) and defence towers are max/near max. Also, my alliance maintains buffs for defences nearly 24/7. This should make for a HARD base to beat. However, even I can blitz my own base, without invocations, with 30 seconds remaining at end of battle. 

This is doubly bad since a defence upgrade takes days to complete. My personal request to make things better is improve defences (one “exploit” is Scylla which can easily trash an entire set of max level defences), and reduce the defence build times.   The three trophies min per win is “ok”, I see a few players where can get more. I think it’s simply too easy to attack - right now with Helen of Troy, I can without any invocations wipe out a 10+ level higher player with ease, even if they have defence buffs active. That simply does not seem balanced/correct.

Another point of balance - my 1 minotaur can easily beat my own griffon on attack, though griffon is a top tier creature and costs twice as much. The hydra and griffon are not very scary/threatening for the cost - even when “max levelled”. This simply seems broken.

Thanks for the consideration, it’s a good game just think needs some tuning/balancing work. There might actually be another bug in play since my helen of troy is pretty much unkillable by enemy defences. I understand there should be a % reduction in damage, but it seems an absolute reduction since her health bar doesn’t even move (she’s all kitted with orange level gear, but even so seems “too powerful”). 

But tell me, why do I have on Monday shot 600 cups, although no bugs I did not use? Just I played all weekend and almost did not even slept. Why do many other players from TOP10 trophies then remained at the same level?