Open Team Recruitment Page

The alliance Open Team led by Fil Nami (my 2nd account) is recruiting active member 


Requirement :


-50k donation , donate almost each day and working to upgrade the alliance tower 

-Active in war (at least can earn decent skulls amount around 1600+)

-Can communicate in English

-Level 55+ king with 1700+ trophies


Our alliance currently rank 276 , level 24 with 29 slot , 27% gold bonus and 8% tax bonus (19 fiefdoms) , we have some active member both in war and chat so it won’t be lonely in Open Team lol


We have elite knights active on weekend (starting Friday-Sunday GMT +8) and activate storm cannon during a winnable war season , we have so far won the first war season and already secured first place in the current season.

As Fil says, it isn’t lonely in Open Team, we are a friendly bunch who chat a lot and I find the banter as enjoyable as actually playing the game!  We have a great and generous leader and the benefit of players who have much higher ranking main accounts. We would love to have you join our family if you meet the requirements above. 


Update : We are currently full but spaces do come up from time to time.

Happy Days are here! We have two spots available - one of the new joiners left and we have also levelled the alliance up. 

Come join the Open Team, you won’t find a merrier bunch of warriors anywhere.  We won the last war season so we have the three boosts active now.  


PM Fii or me, or just apply in-game !!

bump ^^     We still have spaces for the right people   :slight_smile:


We currently a top 200 alliance with 31 members and 90% of them active everyday (another 10% semi active but donate daily)


New Requirement :

75k donation , level 60+ king , donate daily , participate in war


New alliance info :

We’re currently rank 166 , 31/34 slots are filled , 30%+ gold bonus , keeping 2 elite boost active 24/7 (knights and archer) , have cannon active during war season too


We have active generals and our chat is not dead , the plan is to get 35th slot and then maintain top 200 rank while improving as a team.

Bump.  We are friendly, we have a good mix of male and female members, we try our very best in war but without having to go nuts so it’s still chillaxed and enjoyable.  What else is there to wish for?  


PM me or send me (Booboo1234) a friend request in game if you are close to our requirements but aren’t quite there yet. 

hi guys , Open Team recruiting active war members ! If you’re active and donate 50k , join us :slight_smile:

Fii soo sad to see you go , then who will handle your Fii Nami (main) and Fil Nami (secondary) account from Open Team. Well, I’m sorry for the misbehaviour and really apologise. Anyway have a great life man. This game is going down the hill as hell and many good players quit playing this game including Sn1kt, you , The great th, and many more. You’ll be missed for sure ,I’ll miss you too. Good bye.

Warm Regards,


I remember the fun we had those days when I was in Open Team, it had been a long time with you. :slight_smile:



Thanks very much Dark. You are in a much higher clan now and I hope you are very happy   :slight_smile:

Everyone, we have spaces available …  please apply to Open Team if you have donation 75k +,  level 60+ king, and want a friendly team who try hard!


We have knights, archer and barricades boosted 24/7,  plus cannons boosted in war.  Come and check us out   :slight_smile: