Open Team

I have an alliance for my lower level account Fil Nami , since I’m busy with my main account Fii Nami so the alliance not doing very well right now


So I’m trying to recruit active player here , requirement :


Must be active and make daily donation , ideally I want at least 5k donation per day but 1k should be okey too , we’re level 9 I think with 14 slots , 2 of which are available right now.13% gold boost , rank 1500-ish.


I will make extra donation there sometimes to help it grow , no minimum king level or trophies needed.Even level 1 player can join as long as hes active and donate daily.


To join , pm me or leave a comment or just join the alliance since it is an open alliance.


Alliance name is Open Team , I will kick inactive player later to make room for active player

Which one pm or comment, I cant decide, its giving me a headache!

If you can’t decide, just try both :grinning:

I dont know what youre talking about fii

I do! I saw you join Merlin the Second’s alliance, “We the Little Kings”. Within 4 hours, you left. 2 hours later, there you were again. 3 hours after that, you were gone again. So, I know what Fii Nami was talking about :grinning:

Yeah and Atlas1000 also applied for my alliance. But by the time I went online, he was already in an alliance.


I guess it’s his headaches that is giving him problems! (no offence)

I’m a troll, it’s not bad to be one, you guys got played :wink:

so what youre saying is that I should stop being a member of the forums so you wont get mad by me trolling, and youre saying I shouldnt even bother being in an alliance…fine then :slightly_frowning_face:

Dear Atlas1000, remember it’s just a game. Looking at the age in your profile you’re still very young. Wisdom arrives with age, always remember this. Maybe I’m getting old, but my generation never used the word trolling, but I get the picture what is meant by that.


Yesterday you temporary joined our Alliance (yes… another one that can be added to the list). Okay, in our little chat session, you honestly told me that it was only a temporary stay, I respected that and was willing to give you a chance. You were lucky and fortunate that your request to join our alliance was accepted by our leader, but I don’t like the way you did it. Telling that you are rating alliances and are willing to give some usefull advice. Since you are no member of the staff, I didn’t believe this at all and became suspicious about your true intentions. A few days before you made a mistake by joining the alliance already for a very short time, while it still was an open alliance (mailbox reveals this). You had the chance at that moment already to rate it, if this truely was your intention.


If I understood well, you told that you are a member of an alliance in top 300 and currently are rating other alliances plus giving them some advice. I don’t know if I am correct, but let me give you my opinion. Maybe you are desperately looking for an alliance inside the top 300. But after checking your current hero status, I need to say sorry, but I really can’t and won’t believe that you are telling the truth, sounds like trolling to me. Whatever your motivation of joining alliances only for a very short time might be, you are the only person that actually knows the reason. I believe you are still wandering around to find an Alliance that suits you well. I hope that you will settle down soon and find a perfect match for you.


During the short time that you was a member of our alliance, I felt free to test your base, just like other members have the right to test mine. In never checked your base before, because I expected it to be very very strong. I am not a high level player at all, but I was very surprised when I checked your current trophy range and became even more surprised after beating your base with even more than half a minute left without even doing my best. So here my free advice.


It looks like your fences and towers are still level 1, only a few of them level 2. Even my blade shield (not maxed out) cutted like a knife through butter and took down most of your towers and fences like they are non existing. Troops did almost no damage to my king (I even didn’t need to use my heal spell at all to regain some health). Upgrade those towers as soon as possible and make your defence waves more effective. It now looks like you chose them randomly. Putting in some very low level of ogres and mummies doesn’t protect your base, they are just too low level to do that job. Replace them with paladins maybe some airblasters and use some frosters, since your pyromancers even seem to do almost no damage at all. As soon as you progress in the dungeons and got monsters with higher level (3 I guess is minimum) , only then start to think on using them.


At least after my test I knew my feeling was right to be suspicious. If you are on a search for an alliance that fits you well, that’s fine, just try to be honest and fair and don’t make up stories with only intention to be able to join alliances for a while. The statement "I cant make decision, none of your alliances are good enough for me :wink:

lol nothing about someone wanting to join Open Team so far , better change the title later  :wink:

I was surprised when I read your advice to Atlas1000 just a moment ago in another topic Fii Nami. Almost an exact copy of your advice I gave.


I am aware of current weaknesses in my own defence, but slowly I am improving the levels of my towers and fences at the moment. The waves I put in randomly, but will try to make them support each other to be more effective.

Since I’m bored , I’ll visit your base too dena  :grinning:


Edit : got your base but damn I lost connection during first raid and lose 27 trophies 

I was already surprised that you lost the first battle. I can try a counter attack in an attempt to return some trophies, but I will be surprised if I can destroy even 10%.


I am going to try to return some trophies. 8% and returned 11 trophies. Edit: one more attack to return another 11 trophies.

Guys this topic is about open team and not me so just talk about the alliance and not me, and I apologize for being mean and rude by just joining and then leaving multiple alliances, which I will no longer do, due to the fact that I will decline all invitations sent

There is nothing wrong with joining and leaving alliances, Atlas. What is wrong is that you don’t stay in them because you are “too good†for them. With this kind of mindset, one will not be content until one is in “Vanguard Legions†or “SK United Realmsâ€, because if you are accepted into a lower one, surely you could be accepted into one a just a little higher. I used to think like this, and I spent a period of my life just jumping between groups of people in high school, always trying to get into a group of people more “cool†than the one I was already in. The result was that I was left all alone without any group. Needless to say, this was not one of the highlights of my life. (To tell the truth, I felt very depressed and severely debated what the point of my life really was, why I even existed… although I never really reached a conclusion on that.)


We accept your apology and forgive you, Atlas (at least, I do). And you can still join other alliances. Just be careful to not join and leave alliances out of pride.

I never thought I was too good I just thought that, " this the right alliance for me?"

And I said to stop talking about me, so stop!!! Please:)