opening chest and Ascension level

hi all ,  @CaptainMorgan

i have question that i need clear answer to 

if i got godlike item chest from a package i bought , and a wait 6 day to open it , will that give better item ( stronger ) or better number on skill and heath  , like opening them with higher Ascension  level 

affect item power, because in game tip say the high the Ascension level the high item you get 

so i am not sure if the item in chest are graded at the time i get the chest or the time i open it 




Nope, I have tried it many times but the items you will get depends upon the level at which you first receive the chest and not on the level when you open them.

I want to share one such incident I brought a progression boost pack and it gave me four godlike chests.I was at ascension level 52 so waited six days and opened those chest at ascension level 61.The items I found in the chest were way weaker in stats as compared to the items I found at level 61.

I hope it answers your question.

thank you .  :wink:

A chest received at level 50 will have level 50 items. A chest received at level 90 will have level 90 items. So on and so forth.