opening chests during war... a joke?

So I did 10 raids and managed to open the first one in only 3 of them. It’s never this bad outside of war. Really noticed this last season also.

Anyone else noticing this too? Flare just trying to trick us to spend gems again :slightly_frowning_face:

They should remove the skulls in chamber and add them to the value of the base.

Then the top player of an alliance would give 1,115 skulls intead of 1,015 +100 in chamber.

Nah. I haven’t had much trouble getting skulls from chests. I have only missed maybe 3/15?


BTW could someone help me with missing skulls? I have attacked one base 3 times but only gotten the skulls for one attack…

Not using any luck perks in war raids no.

In the past, I had a season where I was very unfortunate. 8 times in a row incorrect chest. The odds are low to accomplish that.


To make it even more worse, in same season 2 out of 13 succesful attempts in a row. Chance on being so unfortunate is extremely low.


Only… The seasons before, when I was unfortunate, I did spend gems to continue opening chests after being unlucky. Is it part of the algorithm that when users spend gems to get skull reward, to reduce the chance of succes?


Who knows? I don’t draw any conclusions here, but fact is that I stopped spending/wasting gems to get the skull reward and now most time 7 or 8 out of ten attempts first chest is correct.

Few seasons ago I spent gems to open since it was rare that I would fail.

But now I completely stopped spending gems for it since i started failing so much… lets see what happens after a while i guess.


If its true then better not spend anything then

the first chest in cof should be


Yeah that or what Darkerion said.


Remove the gem aspect of getting skulls, its just really lame


… but profitable to FG in terms of gem spend … and that’s what they like.



There are so many other gem sinks already. They shouldnt involve gems into our wars :confused: alot of people scroll that should be enough.

Soon we get  lazer robots that costs gem to spawn instead of leadership i bet…

I never spend gems in CoF (only did some misclicks).

But it is annoying and i feel cheated, if i don’t get the

skulls. Sometimes 3 in a row and then you have to think

about raiding your three top skull bases again, only for

minor improvements.

I just completely stopped doing it.


Actually if you think about it its cheaper to buy a donation refresh in alliance tower for 100gems and make yourself champion (if u got a 750k tower) and make 20 raids with skullbonus. Unless of course the alliance has decided to tactically use the champions :stuck_out_tongue:


Lets say you open chests you fail on 1st attempt so you pay gems ooops… u failed 3 in a row  thats 45gems already (for level 97 atleast)

In just 1 of your 10 raids.