opinions of the community

As we have seen, the Phoebe nerf has been postponed due to the communities feedback. But, since you can only get the feedback of people who are on the forum, you need to find a way to get more people’s feedback. The best way to do so is to add polls in game, like we had them in the past. That way every player can give you feedback and suggestions, not just the 50 guys or so who are active on the forum (I didn’t count how many people are actually active here). You can’t call 50 guys the community and make changes cause of them. You need to get more opinions. A poll in game would be the best option imo

Or just a pop up which will redirect them from game to the poll in forums directly

Hi Domi,

Yes, I am aware of that. I am working on some things in the background that you are not aware of :grinning:

But then they will have to create an account on the forum first. Not many want that

Great idea! It would give a more precise answer and show what the true community wants and thinks about things

Move the forum in-game is the best solution. In my experience, forums that can be easily accessed without leaving the app have magnitudes more participation. No one likes leaving the app and switching back and forth, especially since phones will usually require you to restart the app every time you go back into it if you leave for more than a few seconds 

maybe they could create a system that just says a google use or smthing and they can only post not follow or like 

  • Automatic account creation with high settings of privacy
  • To post as a generic, but unique, “guest” account.
  • Anonymous poll participation.