Opt out

Is there a way for my alliance to opt out of a single war?  Half my members will be traveling and unavailable.  So obviously we don’t want to do a few things:

-lose a ton of torches being unable to fight

-provide a weak target for two alliances in the war making it harder for the other

-not represent ourselves and potentially lose a couple members that get frustrated


not looking to game the system or anything…just seems like there would be  surrender or opt out of war feature somewhere

Currently there is now way of doing it through in-game mechanics except kicking all of your members for the number to drop below the minimum requirement. You may try contacting tech support, but I am pretty sure they will do nothing about it.

If you get under 8 players during war your team forfeits, which makes the whole map a big jumble and it’s awesome. There should be a button to do it without kicking players. 

Hey dumpster,

I thought you need keep your numbers below 10 to do that.Or Is 8 players now?