Optimization in gaming feature

hello, everyone

i want to share some suggestion to royal revolt 2 team to improve its gaming.


about alliance:


1. new feature of combining two alliance:


a)  to combine two alliance : the the leader and general can choose the the new alliance to be added to them.


   after that leader and general of both alliance should have a conformation mail to combine alliance or not .


c)  if all leader and general of both alliance has conformed the two alliance will added .


d) by adding their alliance they can combine their money,fiefdoms




e) this is only if there are possible slots for all alliance members of two alliance to be in any of one


f) else they cann’t combined.


g) the new alliance members share the highest alliance boosts.


h) also the alliance who unlock all boosts cant take part in this feature because they doesnt need any money to unlock.


i) this feature is only for low level alliance to bulid their alliance and compete.


j)this feature can be done again after 1 month cooldown.


j)election of leader not to be done at that time.




and the leader and general of alliance who transferred to another alliance are leveled as general also.



2.improvement in alliance feature:


a) election of leader need to be held in 1st of every month and vote will counted and make a decision also could self voted.(new one)


   player can change alliance only at the period of war season start when war boosts was given.(2 days before war)


c) if cooldown of donation was end a mail was send to member and if member doesnt donate on 24 hour another mail was sent and so on.


that means in every 24 hour of end of cooldown a new mail was send.



d) a new perk that allows to maximize donation limit and perk that donate some % glod win in each battle to alliance.


e) boosted level for all towers,troups, as well as spells 


f) alliance party after every single war was end and alliance party feature are:


         i) member can donate 200% of gold seperately for limited hours  (6 hours) beside of regular donation.(new one)


          ii) player can gave three gift to their alliance member they wanted either to 1 or to 2 or to 3 (only one for each.) the gift only be towers                   and inventory items they have owned.(new one)


           iii) also the alliance tower upgraded at 6 hours with 50% less gems


g) new alliance slot for war period, which allows to take help of any one king of alliance you set in slot and his special unit(abc) by portaled

(insta friend king)

at your position .for three battle it is free to use and cost 5 gems after more than three battle. also the special unit can be costumized (20 morale)


also u can alive your friend king and his unit by spending another 5 gems.



h) this feature can be broaded for friends too  and can be apply in the period when war was not held but cost of gems was 2x (10 gems)


i) also this can be present for top 3 skull gainer in alliance and as alliance winner gift feeded to all alliance member.(free alliance slot)


j) to increase gold in alliance, alliance party selfi need to be shared in social media. one time sharing of one member can earn 100k but only


once. also member earn 100 vouchers.  


alliance selfi contains pictures of all members.




Other RR2 feature:


1.The feature of gift as i discussed early have to impliment for friends too at the starting and cooldown after 1 month.(friends slot = hero level)


2.tower should be sold in golds or gems or pearls or vouchers as our wish.


3.ruin should be distroyed in golds or gems or pearls or vouchers as our wish.


4.gold can be transferred into gems, perals or vouchers (money exchanger tower)


5.granny should be inside the inport/export tower where we can buy or sold any items, towers, food 


   a) food should be buy from or sold to that tower.


     kings/inventory items should be sold from their and at the rate of 50% of items price offering by granny to buy. (either granny offers in low rate or granny buy in high rate)


   c) also king allowed to equip arrow as secondary weapon and use for long range.


  d) food must be sold into gold automatically when farm is full and for inactive player 500k fine per day for not selling food unless the gold   down to protected (base) limit.


   e) the amount of gold earn from selling food may be 50% of buying it and food cannot sell unless farm is full.


  f)  if the treasury is full, gold converted to gems.


  g) new feature of king party: allows to upgrade any tower inside castle gate for free and instant upgrade it …this party occur in 


    hero level 10 20 30 and so on.


   h) gems tower for earning gems: mini-games inside gems tower to earn gems;


   i) graphics design of throne room and king’s family and also family mini-games their and most important is need general for every kings as    


    like king’s feature who have high health, leadership, attack, item to equip and also stay in defense to make defense stronger. as the hero


     level up the general level also up and hero can give inventory items to general with out any cost.


  j) access to give the responsibility of alliance donation to any friends or alliance member


and finally as many of royal revolt 2 player wants, Chat globally with anyone with out any message like  “are you their”

A number of these suggestions are for alliances to decide themselves,

but I think that this (d) is an excellent idea! :slight_smile:

Maybe we can have a piece of armor with a perk that instead of increasing the % gold earned, the perk gives a % of gold earned while wearing the armor to the player’s alliance, in stead of their own treasury.

election of leader? If someone wants to lead an alliance they can go start their own and build it up themselves.


It sounds to me that you are not really suggesting new features- you are creating a totally new game. So in terms of Royal Revolt, I do not think your suggestions is practical. :slightly_frowning_face:

In terms of a new game: “well said”" :slight_smile:


Though, I love the idea of electing leaders of alliances… 

I think it would turn bad quickly…

Leaders kicking anyone they don’t believe will vote for them…

Turning stable alliances into total mayhem.