Optimizing the Forum Structure & Contents

Hello FG/ Forum Moderators,

As a new player, I visited the Olympus Rising forum to get info on basic gameplay mechanics, but got a tad overwhelmed. For e.g., Beginner’s Corner discusses Nyx towers, Guides section features Titan codes, etc. To post a Titan Code, I had to go to the 227th page, whereas I expected the latest thread to be on top of the first page itself. Perhaps, a simpler & intuitive folder structure could help players readily locate the appropriate forum/ subforum/ thread and read/ post there. Please consider the below structure (7 Forums & their 11 Subforums): 

  1. Official Announcements
  2. Forum Events
  3. Challenges
  4. Quizzes
  5. Gameplay QA
  6. Ask Answer  (both newbs veterans ask answer here. Here, a sticky post titled _FAQs (Read This First) _is pinned on top so it always remains visible. Users read this first before asking/ answering in subsequent posts.)
  7. General Discussion  (for trivia other general conversations)
  8. Bugs Suggestions
  9. _ Report Bugs _ (for immediately fixing current functional problems. Here, a sticky post titled _Known Bugs (Read This First) _is pinned on top so it always remains visible. Users read this first before posting new bugs.)
  10. _ Suggest Improvements _ (for future enhancements/ QoL. Here, a sticky post titled _ Implemented Suggestions _ is pinned on top so it always remains visible. This sticky could motivate the player community to post new ideas.)
  11. Titan Codes Alliances
  12. Post Your Titan Code
  13. Look for an Alliance (for individuals to join for alliances to merge)
  14. Look for Alliance Members
  15. Tutorials Guides
  16. _ Video Tutorials  _(with step-by-step video footage of gameplay - for those with better web connection)
  17. _ Descriptive Guides  _(with textual graphical descriptions)

Each subforum should have a first, sticky post titled _ Guidelines for Posting Here _ pinned on top so it always remains visible. Users read this first before posting. 

Thanks. ?

@AriesRising There was an incentive of structure revision a month(ish) or so ago, yet it turned out to be not feasible by FG. Would be happy to ammend stuff for sure, but its not our call unfortunately and FG is happy with the way things are.

That would be ideal. I had a similar discussion with Tara in the past but she told me it’s not easy to change.

From the comments of some players, it seems they would rather have Bugs on top for easy access. Or rather make a new Complaints category! Hahaha

Hey Tomaxo who is Tara?I never heard this name before here.

Hey @HOLYDIVINE, she’s our Community Chimera:


She took over the torch after Alysea during a transition and then she relayed it to Gala.

Mind your language please.

In terms of changing the setup of the forum, I hear you. But as Tomaxo mentioned, this is not an easy change. We would have to get the company we use the forum from to do it for us, meaning the forum would be down for X amount of time.

This is not something that will happen any time soon I’m afraid.

Many thanks,


The thread is about re-organizing the forum. I’m giving an answer to the actual topic subject.



It’s not always straightforward. A such overhaul could result in broken links and missing images/videos. It also depends on many plugins installed on the forum.

ps. I’m managing forum softwares for my clients (but not for FG).

@Tomaxo The suggestion made by Aries is very straightforward and doable for an administrator on this forum. Look at the events section, it has already been done in the past by the previous CM.

Why not feasible? Is it a question of time and/or money? I agree with @Skorpio. It is doable, but you have to be careful to avoid headaches like this:



If it’s not soon, when that could happen? After summer, after Christmas or after OR 5.0? Navigating through the forums is not intuitive. We really need that change in long term. Please.

FG is about to loose all the long term OR players by making stupid, dumb and unnecessary changes to the game. TELL me one thing that is exciting abt 4.0 version.

WHY destroy FORGING for everyone 

WHY fix the Hero statue when they need no fixing 

Whats next elimination of war seasons. (They havnt been working for a while anyways)

So my understanding is if you reach asc lvl 131, u should just quit the game huh

What can I say. I can’t agree more with you.!!

There is rationale and I think you know where such things are discussed (so you can actually see the convo)

_ Kind consideration@Tomaxo , @Infamous , @GalaMorgane_

From what I see on the company site of our Invision forum software, perhaps a permanent & cost-effective solution could be with a comparable tool such as FUDForum or EsoTalk with GPL license. 


OK, ma’am, got it. I will post a separate suggestion for the permanent solution of a GPL forum software. May I respectfully solicit your support for that idea? If & when the change happens, it will entail significant—but one-time —work (i.e., the “elephant”) that will address all issues at one shot. I believe @Infamous , @Tomaxo , and many others would be eager to help you with the content migration. It could truly be a community project, built by the community for the community. 

Thanks in advance… ☺️

In the past, I’ve successfully converted IPS Board to FUDForum, but the latter’s admin panel was complex compared to the first.

Here’s a comparison:

(source: https://www.forum-software.org)

EsoTalk is no longer updated since 2015. (EsoTalk and FluxBB merged to form Flarum.org., which is a cool name:  Fla re + fo rum  ☺️, but it’s still in Beta phase.)

I think it’s okay to stick with Invision as long as we have a structure overhaul in the future.

lol you lost me here. I don’t understand any word or anything in this Japanese language lol. However glad to see someone invest time to improve forum. Continue your hard work Tomaxo :slight_smile: