Optimum war raid count

Anyone else finds 6 raids too many? It’s not even about the food usage, more the shear boredom of having to raid the same bases over and over for 4 days and how long it takes to finish all that. (Obviously I mean a scenario where you actually make effort in the war and not skip it)

4 raids seem a bit few but more meaningful at the same time and 5 is long enough to allow hitting several targets without raids piling up too much. I dunno, I think less is more in this case.


6 is probably about right, yes the 4 fief days can be a bit much, but that’s a different issue.  Champs should probably be +6 instead of +10.

War raids should give +250,000 gold and double XP for all raids.

+10 battles being champ is too much.  better only +3. And the duration of war of 5 days is extremely stressful and boring.

Six is the best because it allows you to screw up once or twice and still get max skulls.

Any more and … yeesh.

Or maybe -3 instead. Champs get 30% added skull bonus but only has 3 attempts. Champs are supposed to be superior in skill and a failed attempt should not be tolerated.

6 is too much.

You only really absolutely need 3 fights. Every fight after that is just a backup in case you screw up. Do you really need 3 extra chances to save a screw up in the 3 main fights? I don’t think so.

For me, 4 would be the best + 6 for champs, for a total of 10 fights.

War should be made bread free  :grinning:

Hehe i still remember unlimited raids in war))) that was stressfull6 is realy fine, because usualy you dnt need finish them all.

to make +6 instead +10 for champs is a good idea


3 days is plenty and everyone is bored days 4 and 5 anyway … notice you are chasing people more those days?

war is just broken and boring … take away the boosts and no one would bother fighting even for fun.

But people have been unhappy with war for over a year now and really I don’t see flare doing much…

I see lots of great ideas from members nothing from flare.

I used to get upset when ah /s ignored me but oddly they don’t so much anymore? probably not related but curious.


I think indeed 6 or 5 raids would be fine. 4 is also good to give you one additional shot. Champions should do max 3 extra raids indeed (also adapt gold Flare!), when you fail, it should be punished. A champ should win all his fights.

A suggestion was already done by @neilr81 in this topic, double xp for war raids and make gold minimal 250k per raid. That would make doing war raids more attractive.

As a bonus, make a war shop with unique items, similar to pro gear. Players can spend there their earned skulls. Then players will invest in improving skull gear plus definitely help the team,  since they also want those items. 

I like the spend skulls… but Dena we both know they don’t really care unless sales decline.

Yep, we know that. But war seasons need a drastic change, now players don’t help, because it’s boring. Flare should think that more players are going to open cof after a failure and some might spend gems in there.

So a war shop would help, together with extra xp plus minimal gold. 

Or gold 2k X king level

I just don’t see it lol lately they are getting more distant and less engaging,

And from our history on this forum that means one thing… servers on but nobody is home

Agreed, just doubling the amount of fights for champs (6 extra fights in wars with standard amount of battles) is more than enough.

It also means 4 visits less in the CoF where most champs will spend gems to get the extra skulls :slight_smile:

And ffs remove skulls in the chamber of fortune!

I think most agree to give them directly to the players. Only flare will disagree, since we spend a lot of gems during the season. On this subject they seem to speak a foreign language suddenly and act like they don’t understand we want to get rid of the skulls inside cof. They should already get more gems by players scroll. If they really want to make it more hard, give a defending team an advantage in terms of a defensive boost that only defenders get. This way more players will scroll and will give them their gems.

Especially due to these failures on first chest I refuse to become champ, last time those 10 extra fights I needed to pay over 300 gems to get the skulls from cof. It’s no must, but still… As champ you need to score high and you do it to help your team, not to fill flare their pockets. 

Yeah 6 raids is really boring… 

Would be so much better if it were 3 raids per fief because then it would actually really matter. 

With 6 raids you can basicly fail half of them without too much consequence 

A failure should be costly indeed. Why not first 5 raids count fully? Then you need to pick at least 5 different players out of 6.

Flare will never do this, but even resurrection plus scrolls should not be possible during war raids. Then every failure is also done by misjudgement and hurting the team of the player. But this will never happen, since this would cost flare a fortune on gems.

we need to hope that in the 4.0 update there will be a change.

Agree on less Fights, especially for Champs. With less stressful wars more people will keep on playing this game. One of the main reasons for people quitting is that this game is too demanding in time.

There need to be changes in war, especially in the rewards. Many teams are only fighting hard for Pyromancers and maybe Arblasters. Winning in the other „Mummy“ war does not really count and gives teams a disadvantage that do fight and gain Fiefs there. Last time in our war only two teams were fighting, four tried to drop Fiefs. Winning that really felt idiotic. And we are paying the price in this war.

Flare, try to make Wars more fun and competitive with less time needed for players. Giving equally good rewards for both wars should not be very difficult. Or create even more sets of rewards and do not reveal in advance which one is next.