Optimum war raid count

At Alpha Guard we have had 3 wars in 3 days (including today) and I’ve been quite busy the first two days and only have enough time to get the first 3 raids in. It is very annoying and tiring, even, to have to do 18 attacks in one day. 18! Definitely needs to be changed, and I agree with the champ change too, +10 is just awful. It’s like torture lol. Who has time for 16 raids in ONE war? <-- Not many

I wonder if there will be a 4.0 at all, the way things are going.

On another note, the game expects you to do 6 raids but sometimes you may not have anyone to do these raids against. I mean, with how war participants are selected, you can get one active team with strong bases and boosts that you may not be able to beat, and another team that each player will give you around 800 skulls at best (that’s with sb) and you can kill their base with just your king with 2 minutes remaining. While having many tries on a hard base may be a good thing, it’s a nightmare against weak bases that yield nothing as that’s basically forcing you to waste your time bullying the weak. Easy skulls, maybe, but certainly not as many as to make that much of a difference against other strong teams with big skull incomes.

4times is good I often accept warriors 

The alliance fight UBERChest is as easy to earn as a ninja

Because we are all playing the same number of days。。。


As I said over a year ago 3 battles are more than enough per fief.

If you screw up and die you can revive or you can ask for additional fights through champ. End of story. I never ever use revive in war. If no extra battles players will use revival and spend gems.



Regarding being champ - only 3 extra fights with extra skull % bonus.I neverI

Completely agree with this 4 battles just in case u mess up one and 6 for champs. When u have 3 wars, where u are champion in one, that’s too many considering low, in most cases, gold rewards.